Drifting Away: A Sailing Story

Another Baptist preacher falls to sin: caught with rentboy

The chortles and glee have already started. Baptist preacher, anti-gay activist and prominent Christian, was caught returning from a vacation with a gay escort hired through the website rentboy.com. The Miami New Times broke the story that George Alan Rekers was photographed returning through customs at Miami International with a gay hiree. When queried, Rekers claimed he had hired rentboy to push his luggage because Rekers had previously had surgery.

Rekers had testified for the state of Florida against gay adoptions, had worked with Dr. James Dobson on the Family Values Summit, and has spent thirty years in activism against anything and everything gay.

There is more to the story of course, the lurid details are included in the Miami New Times' reporting and also in other articles, but suffice to say it is a personal and spiritual tragedy of the largest proportions.

The usual attitude when yet another Christian man is discovered to be gay, is that the Christianity has proved itself wrong again and thus homosexuality is normal. That the Christian man should not struggle nor rail against it. But that is a backward thinking. Homosexuality is wrong, and no one knows that better than the Christian man, who preaches against it at every turn. That's WHY he preaches against it at every turn. 'But that's hypocritical!' you might say. It is not. It is simply sin. No one knows better than the Christian man what sin is and why God hates it. No one knows better than the Christian man that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. (Rom 3:23) We all succumb to sin. A gay man falling into homosexuality is no different than one who lies or murders or gossips: they are all sins and they are all things that God hates. Fortunately for us, they are all things that God forgives, if the sinner asks Him.

We should not mock Dr. Rekers. We should not say "There goes another gay man professing to be a Christian" but instead say "There goes another sinner in need of God's mercy. Just like me." Pray for Rekers instead. God's precepts are good. They are true. We all strive and we all fall short. Homosexuality is wrong and an abomination against nature and thus against God. (1 Cor 6:9). However, God's mercy is large enough to cover any sin, including Dr. Rekers' ... And yours.