Tribulation Chronology

There are two main parts to time immediately before Christ comes: the End Times and the Tribulation.

The end times are characterized by signs that are spoken of by Peter, Timothy, Jesus, Daniel, Isaiah, and in other books of the bible in both the New and Old Testaments. Links to many of those signs are on the right hand sidebar

The Tribulation begins when the Antichrist confirms a seven year covenant (treaty) with Israel. Dan 9:27, Dan 12:11. Then, a series of seven seals are opened.

The first four seals release a horseman as each are opened in turn:

White: the Antichrist, Rev 6:2
Red: War, Rev 6:3-4
Black: Famine, Rev 6:5-6
Pale/Chloros: Death, Rev 6:8

Fifth Seal: Death of Martyrs, Rev 6:9
Sixth Seal: Great earthquake/moon as blood/sun darkened, Rev 6:12
Seventh Seal: ushers in the next series of judgments. The Trumpets. These will be so harrowing there is silence in heaven for half an hour.

Trumpet 1: Hail and Fire burn up grass and 1/3 trees, Rev 8:7
Trumpet 2: Blazing mountain thrown into sea, 1/3 sea creatures die, Rev 8:8
Trumpet 3: Wormwood falls from heaven, poisoning 1/3 rivers, Rev 8:10
Trumpet 4: Removal of 1/3 light on earth, Rev 8:12
These judgments remove 1/3 of everything we need to live: water, vegetation, light. Thus ends the ‘easy’ part. Now God gets tough.

Trumpet 5: Scorpion-Locusts from the Abyss, five months torture from their stings, Revelation 9:1-12.
Trumpet 6: Four angels bound in Euphrates loosed and kill 1/3 mankind, Rev 9:14
Trumpet 7: Initiates Bowl judgments. “Great” Tribulation begins. This is when satan is cast out of heaven (Revelation 12) and he becomes so angry that he tries to kill the Jews, (Rev 12:12-13) but they flee to the wilderness (understood to be Petra in Jordan) (Rev 12:14) and so satan turns his hate and anger and frustration to the Christians. (Rev. 12:17)

Bowl 1: Painful sores upon those with the Mark, Rev. 16:2
Bowl 2: Sea into blood, all seas & creatures die, Rev. 16:3.
Bowl 3: All fresh water turns to blood, Rev. 16:4.
Bowl 4: Sun scorches people with fire, people curse God, Rev 16:5
Bowl 5: Antichrist’s throne & kingdom thrown into total darkness, Rev. 16:10
Bowl 6: Euphrates dried up, enabling Kings of East to assemble armies at Armageddon, Rev. 16:12.
Bowl 7: “It is done!” Earthquake so great every island and mountain passes away, 100lb hailstones fall upon men. Rev. 17:21.
The Harlot of the One World Religion is destroyed and the battle of Armageddon takes place when Jesus returns with his church in victory. He reigns for 1000 years! Revelation 17,18 and 19. Praise God!

Good links to more about the chronology with commentary and explanations:

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  1. lawrence eddy [watchman]May 16, 2010 at 7:01 PM

    A very interesting update to the one left behind. A future event that if you are here you will know what to do and what to expect. So it is best to read now so you won't be here and you won't have to expect it.Find Jesus in your heart today and you can just read about it. Think about it tomorrow and tomorrow you will be in what you have read today.
    Something to think about [today]

  2. I don't agree with the chronology, but it is always refreshing to find a site that take the book of Revelation literally!

  3. Thanks for reading, Rick. Specifically, what don't you agree with and can you share scriptures and explanations as to why or where the chronology in your view should be different?

    1. If one were to read Revelation in a single sitting or two, it would be obvious that it is telling one story of the church age to Christ's coming seven times. Otherwise you have Christ judging the earth half a dozen times and any of a number of other things that only happen once. If I were to accuse dispensationalists of one thing in their hermeneutics, it would be that they can't see the forest for the trees.

    2. Hi Bill,

      No it is not obvious at all that the church comes to Christ 7 times...and I have read Revelation through. What is obvious is that it is God's released judgment upon the unbelieving earth's inhabitants during the last 7 years of the Church Age

  4. Great chronology! I just typed one up myself, just two days ago (before seeing this particular post), and I have it set the same way. I added in when it seems to me that the 2 witnesses, the mark of the beast, and the antichrists' "death and resurrection" would be in there, as well.

  5. This is great! I am glad that people like yourself is getting this information out! These men and women of God are not teaching about end days like they should. They are teaching people how to get rich, relationships and so forth. Which all of that is good but please make sure they are saved first and know what signs to look for the coming of Jesus Christ. Great article!

  6. What is the Mark in your opinion? Also, you provide the chronology however you do not explain? Do you interpret your "end time" perspective literally, figuratively, or metaphorically? Regarding your "end time" perspective my friend, if Jesus accomplishes all this prior to His 1000 year reign then what exactly is the purpose of a time limit if everything has been made right again? I mean didn't He say the New Kingdom lasts forever? Please explain your stance and include details. I have really been impressed with your candor however like others I have observed who take on prophecy and apocalyptic, you fall short of explaining the details. Namely the ones I question? They are in the Scriptures so please lead on....Thank you for your effort and honesty in research ma'am. :)

  7. Theology of Truth,

    To answer your questions:

    1. "What is the Mark in your opinion?"
    It is a mark of worship toward the Antichrist. It will be placed on the forehead or hand and without it no one may buy nor sell. It will be tied in with the name of the antichrist. (Rev 13:15-17).

    2. Also, you provide the chronology however you do not explain?"
    The explanations in the chronology are contained in the bible at the verses noted. It is up to the reader to read and study the bible to gain an overall picture of the doctrines of eschatology. If you have specific questions on certain verses I am happy to answer those. If you would like to listen to a sermon series that is bible based then please go to John MacArthur's "Jet tour through Revelation"

    3. "Do you interpret your "end time" perspective literally, figuratively, or metaphorically?"
    There is no need to place the words end time in scare quotes. It is to be interpreted literally just as everything in the bible is to be interpreted literally. It is the revealed word of God to us.

    4. "Regarding your "end time" perspective my friend, if Jesus accomplishes all this prior to His 1000 year reign then what exactly is the purpose of a time limit if everything has been made right again?"

    Daniel 9:24 gives the six reasons for the Tribulation of the Jews. The Millennium is for the purpose of fulfilling His promise to the Jews of a kingdom for them. It will last 1000 years. At the time of the Millennial reign Jesus will reign on earth and the Jews will live in peace, Jerusalem finally being at peace. Ezekiel 41-47 explains the re-formation of the earth and Israel and the Temple at that time. After the 1000 years satan will be loosed for one final rebellion. THEN the earth will pass away but His words will never pass away. (2 Peter 3:10). Eternity begins. Millenium information is in Isaiah 2:1-5, 4:2-6, 35, 41:18-20, 60:10-22, 65:17-25, Micah 4:1-8. BTW, the church believers who have gone into the rapture or have been resurrected will be living in New Jerusalem.

    Four unconditional, unfulfilled covenants [Abrahamic (Gen. 12:1-7), Land (Gen. 13:14-17), Davidic (2 Sam. 7:8-16), New (Heb. 10:1-10)] God made with Israel have not yet been fulfilled. Acts 15:14-18 mentions the future fulfillment of one, and another reference is here "and so all Israel will be saved; as it is written, 'The Deliverer will come from Zion, he will banish ungodliness from Jacob'; 'and this will be my covenant with them when I take away their sins." (Rom. 11:26, 27)In the Millennium they will be. Daniel speaks of “the God of heaven [who] will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed” (Dan. 2.:44; cf. Ezek. 37:25), a “kingdom [that] is an everlasting kingdom” (Dan. 4:3).

    5. "I mean didn't He say the New Kingdom lasts forever?"
    Had God’s people Israel accepted their King when He first came to them, there would be no interim kingdom. The kingdom at hand would have become the kingdom of a thousand years, which, in turn, would have ushered in the eternal kingdom. But because they killed the forerunner of the King and then the King Himself, the millennial kingdom, and consequently the eternal kingdom, were sovereignly postponed. After the thousand years is up the devil will be thrown into the lake of fire and eternity begins. When Jesus comes the second time that is not the start of eternity. In between the second coming and eternity is the 1000 reign of Jesus on earth.

    I hope this gives you the specificity you were seeking in order to understand. Let me know if there is anything else you need help pointing to in scriptures and I will do my best. You can also look for this information in sermon form at,, or

  8. I think your chronology is correct, with one exception. When we accept the doctrine of imminence as is often portrayed, we presuppose that there cannot be any fulfillments of prophecy before the rapture.
    Just as the reestablishment of Israel was a Church Age event, there are other events that must occur before the rapture.
    In my book "The Spirit of Prophecy" I have shown that two of the prophesied events are the Psalm 83 war and the Gog/Magog invasion of Israel. These are not Tribulation events, but Church Age events, that prepare the world for the Tribulation, and the Antichrist.
    If you believe in imminence you will be predisposed to believe the two days of Hosea 6:2 are just 24 hour days with no relation to the return of Christ. Set aside that prejudice for a moment and read Hosea 5:15-6:2, and then compare it to 2 Peter 3:3-8. I believe the days of 2 Peter 3:8 are the same days referenced in Hosea 6:2. If so then Jesus couldn't have returned until those days are over.
    The true biblical doctrine of imminence is found in Luke 12:16-21, and refers to the fact that you and I could be standing in the presence of God tonight, without the rapture having occured.

  9. HI Dan,

    Thanks for reading the chronology. I agree that the battles you mention set the stage for the antichrist to come along and confirm a covenant for 7 years.

    I usually call Isaiah 17:1, Psalm 83, and Ezekiel 38 "gateway" or "threshold" events. That means, according to my interpretation, they could all happen in the last seconds of the Church Age, one or more could happen in the Church Age with the other(s) happening in the Tribulation or they could all happen in the Tribulation's first days.

    The battles you mention could be fulfilled very rapidly. For example, Psalm 83 could happen as fast as the Six Day War. So even though time is short, the Tribulation being 7 years only, the three could be fulfilled in days or weeks or months, and then set the stage for the peace treaty Daniel prophesied.

    I can't be dogmatic about the timing of those, except to say I am sure at the very least we will be gone by the conclusion of the Gog-Magog war. This is because God shows Himself in that battle as Israel's protector and this re-ignites their covenant (old testament). Therefore the New Testament folks would have to be gone.

    I don't think the bible says dogmatically either about the timing of these battles in the Church age or not the Church Age, but I will read your verses and compare with an open mind as you shared. I certainly love to learn new things! I'm looking forward to it. Thank you,


  10. also check out Edgar Cayce predictions and zetatalk for more specifics into the prophecies of Revelations. These point out exact places and events that we in the 21st century can pinpoint.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I'm really glad you read the chronology and that you commented, but I want to share with you that the Cayce predictions have nothing to do with the bible and are likely demonically inspired.

      Same with ZetaTalk. Aliens are not contacting us and giving us guidance, at least not like Nancy Leder says. God contacted us and an in these days God's final word is through His son (Hebrews 1:1-2)

      The Bible strongly condemns spiritism, mediums, the occult, and psychics (Leviticus 20:27; Deuteronomy 18:10-13). God did tell us exact places and in some cases exact times, but anything else that is not in the bible can't be counted on as truth. It's not "the bible, plus Cayce", it's just the bible. I'm sorry...

  11. As of this past decemember I'm a definate beleiver in christ! However I'm looking and looking and failing to find answers. Do you beleive in coming day aposteles? who are blessed with prophecising, signs, miracles? Is there someone that is suppose to stand up against the antichrist? Does God have someone here on earth to stand for beleivers?

    1. Apostles? No. However, our Lord will bless us with Acts 2:17... we need to be very careful because Satan's minion will have an incredible amount of tangible power... where it would fool even the elect if not properly tested to the Word of God. The evil will be able to (and do now) perform 'signs and miracles', as the evil did in Egypt when they turned their staffs into snakes... etc. The Bible tells us to be bereans and measure EVERYTHING we hear to the Scriptures. We are also told to test the spirits. The true Apostles' of the book of Acts performed incredible miracles, but Ephesians tells us that as soon as the complete writings of the New Testament were completed, those ended, as we now have the complete work of God in the written Word. I am not suggesting that God does not still in miraculous ways intervene for His own, however it is more on a 'non-visual' level. The acts performed by the modern day charasmatic... if you notice... are chaotic and seisure-like activity... and they attribute that to the work of the Holy Spirit... that is blasphemy! It does not match any description of the work of the Holy Spirit in Scripture. That's not how the work of the Holy Spirit in Scripture is described, not the still - small voice, Counselor thru the Word of God. I bring this up because it is a huge movement as they combine the truth of the Scirptures with absolute evil... exactly what Satan wants to do is mimic truth and twist it slightly as to lead people astray. Be very careful in this day. We are responsible with the work of the Holy Spirit to recognize the difference between the authentic and the counterfeit. Practicing the quiet,still time to read the Word of God and discern what is going on around us is very difficult even for a seasoned believer. Don't rely on reputable scholars alone, but the whole counsel of God. Fellow believers though are mandatory to a healthy understanding... God doesn't give anything fully to one person... we need to work together to be a real force for Him. My advice would be to serve Him, spread the Word of Truth and allow Him to reveal truth to you in your obedience to truth. He is faithful to provide... and Pray without ceasing.. The angels are rejoicing at your commitment to serve the True God.

  12. Congratulations, Anonymous! I'm so thrilled for you!

    Here are some great websites to get answers from:

    I am not sure what you mean by coming day apostles. There were Apostles, capital A, who were chosen directly by Christ. Those were the 12 plus Paul. Those Apostles occupied the office of Apostle and could perform signs. These miracle signs were given to them to do so that the people would know they were from Christ. It was a method of validating their authority.

    There is the spiritual gift of apostle, little a, and that just means in the Greek, "sent one." People today cannot do the miracles because the necessary validation is done- the Apostles being dead, Jesus not having chosen new ones, and the bible having been completed.

    More to the point, satan is god of this world, and is given authority and power to perform wonders (Mt 24:24, 2 Thess 2:9). If you see some supposed miracles done by supposed apostles, given the number of warnings we have int he bible about false prophets and false signs and lying wonders, it is more likely that satan is the source behind them.

    Again, I'm not sure about your question of someone standing up to the antichrist. Only Jesus will be standing up to him. Antichrist will be given power to overcome the saints (Rev 13:7) and as for the non-believers, they whole-heartedly follow him and plus, no one can make war against him. (Rev 13:4, 8). The tragedy is, except for the remnant of Godly believers, the world will LOVE the antichrist!

    As for someone on earth standing up for believers, God supernaturally seals 144,000 to evangelize on earth (Rev 7:4.) He sends Two Witnesses to proclaim His message (Rev 11:3). He sends three angels to proclaim His message and to pronounce doom for those who refuse (Rev 14:6-13). Finally, the Holy Spirit is on earth. However, one aspect of His ministry changes at the rapture right before the Tribulation. The Holy Spirit's ministry of restraining sin will cease, (2 Thessalonians 2:6-7) though He will still be present on earth to draw men to Jesus.

    Hope this helps, good luck researching! The bible is a wonderful book, full of wisdom and profitable for everything we need in life- this one AND the next!

  13. Matt wrote:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I think most people would agree with your thinking on the tribulation. Generally, people approach each seal individually. What if one made some general assumptions about the seals as a group?

    What if the seals represented some of the events in Nebuchadnezzar's statue?

    If Nebuchadnezzar's statue describes important events (the rise of kingdoms) and the seals describe important events, then what if there is some overlap?

    What if each seal opens with a bang?

    Just as Nebuchadnezzar's statue gets smashed to bits, could each seal open with something getting smashed? The last one is an exception where we are told to wait for the smashing.

    I think Elizabeth and a lot of others would disagree with my conclusions. I'm not saying that I am right. I am saying that this is one possibility to consider.

    [Ed Note: comment edited to delete proffered website]

    1. Matt,

      I looked at your website. It is eschatology based on America's history and not eschatology based on the bible. It is America-centric and not Jesus centric.

      Prophecy has a near fulfillment and a far fulfillment. It is like mountain climbing and looking at a ridge. Far away the ridge looks like one mountain, but when you get close you see the different peaks. Edom was judged in the fifth century BC, fulfilling Obadiah's prophecy, and yet final judgment will come in the Tribulation

      Prophecy fulfillment has a picture of its own fufillment and a real fulfillment. Nebuchadnezzar was a picture of the coming antichrist. So was Nero and so was Emperor Titus who destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD.

      The seals will overlap, I agree with you there. For all to come to fruition in 7 years, the rapidity of the judgments will in all likelihood have overlap. At any rate, they will proceed apace. It will be a breathless and highly hellish time for those left on the earth.

      The entire Tribulation is a time when there will be a lot of smashing. I agree, each seal opens with a bang, meaning, a horrific event that alarms the entire world.

  14. Hi, I'm not so sure about the Harlot being destroyed at the end. It says the (Beast and ?) the Ten Horns hate her and burn her with fire because God has put it in their hearts to fulfill His purpose. Over and over again God has used "Beast" nations to chastise and punish His people, bringing a remnant them to repentance. Then, when his people repented, he destroyed those nations that came against them. He sent the Babylonians, as well as the Romans. And a remnant always returned. These were "types" of the end.
    So if the Nations are destroyed and the Beast and False Prophet are captured by Jesus at Armageddon and are thrown into the Lake of Fire, I can't see how they could, at the same time destroy Mystery Babylon and "burn her with fire."
    Could it be that the Antichrist uses the Harlot for his own purpose of rising to power in the name of peace and unity, and once he has gained power, in the middle of the Tribulation he turns on her, destroys her, and demands that the world worship him?
    In other words, God uses the Antichrist to chastise and punish the Harlot religious Babylon, and calls his people to "Come out of her." Then, when the destroyer has done his work (Isaiah 54:16) He returns and destroys the destroyer, along with political and economic Babylon.
    What do you think?

    1. I think it sounds plausible and consistent with the bible. In the end, Jesus destroys all the false religious systems, and false economic systems. One way the false religious system is destroyed is that the antichrist breaks his covenant of peace with Israel and commands the world to worship him (Abomination of desolation.) By Revelation 13 it all narrows down to him and him alone, in both the spiritual and the economic realms. Jesus's return destroys it all, (Rev 14:8, 17-18)

      Going after idols was usually called whoredom or sometimes adultery. Hosea 4 talks about a spirit of whoredom.

  15. The only thing I would add is that there could be a number of years, even decades, before the final government of AC reassembles from the ruins of the previous Era (our era)... I believe the Rapture event will devastate the earth because it will also be folded in with a judgment of a world-wide Natural Disaster... The Bride of Christ will be taken just before a coming CME (Class X solar flare) event that will destroy the Earth's electrical, computer, and internet infrastructure causing total societal collapse, especially in the West. This is perhaps what is described in Revelation 18. I don't take the fall of Babylon as necessarily being synchronous with the vial judgments of Rev. 16. I do not believe a solar flare event is prophesied in the bible, but do believe the true Bride of Christ will be saved from the total dystopian aftermath of this civilization ending event. PS: There will be no internet after the CME... the world will be blacked out. Nothing electronic will work. There will be famine within two weeks. There will be no global communications and no functioning government or military. You do not want to be here.

  16. Those that dwell upon the earth will be given over to an amalgamation of the world's various religions during the first half of the tribulation period. Mid-way through the 7-year period, the antichrist breaks the covenant and with the 10 kings, destroys the religious system to replace it with his own deification and the implementation of the mark of the beast. This is the Babylon of Rev. chapter 17. Afterwards, commercial Babylon of chapter 18 is destroyed by fire in one hour by an assembly of mighty nations from the north.

    Starting with the second seal, Rev. is illustrating a war among the nations that dramatically increases in scope and culminates at the battle of Armageddon when Christ returns and starts wrecking shop on the gathered armies of the world who have been destroying the earth and attempting to blot out Israel.


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