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What are the Seven Thunders of Revelation?

*The answer to the question I posed in the title is, "I don't know. No one knows."

The Seven Thunders seem to be a part of the series of judgments in the Book of Revelation. I say "seem to be" because the words were not allowed to be written down, so we cannot be sure that they specifically are judgments. However, coming in sequence after the Seal and Trumpet judgments, and before the Bowl judgments, it seems that the mysterious Thunders may be judgments as too.

Given that thunder is the voice of God in judgment, it seems to further the notion that these mysteriously sealed instructions may be judgments.

John MacArthur wrote of the Seven Thunders in his book Because the Time is Near:
The seven peals of thunder did not merely make a loud noise, but communicated information that John was about to write. In obedience to God's commands, John had already written much of what he saw in his visions. Later in Revelation, John would once again be commanded to write …

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