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UFOs exist, but they are not aliens

There has been an incredible spate of UFO sightings lately. In Stephenville TX last January, there were so many sightings, the mainstream news covered it. This was because of the frequency of people reporting, the number of people seeing them at once, and the kind of people reporting: policemen, firemen, and others in authority trained to observe objectively. A few more examples of recent UFO sightings and talk are below. So what is going on?

The Empire Strikes Barack
UFO at Inauguration?

Hundreds Attend UFO Conference In Bucks County
"We had 3 times as many UFO reports as we normally get"
The Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network says 2008 was the year of the UFO, especially in Bucks County. WFMZ's Jaccii Farris has more on the network's investigation into a rash of summer sightings.

UK: UFO hits wind turbine?
"It was huge," John Harrison, a farmer from Saltfleetby, said yesterday of the light display he saw in the Lincolnshire sky on Saturday night. "At first I thought it must have been a hole where the moon was shining through, but then I saw the tentacles. It looked just like an octopus."

President Obama has signed an executive order opening previously sealed UFO files, thus lending a legitimacy to the subject.

UFO files to be released under Obama Open Government Memoranda
President Obama has decided to act quickly and decisively in instructing all administration officials to take action to implement principles of Open Government and Transparency. In the case of classified X-Files dealing with evidence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, Obama’s Memoranda will make it easier for the release of such files in cases where national security is not compromised.

There is a reason that UFOs have dominated mainstream news. There is a reason that unidentified flying objects have been manifesting in plain sight lately.

The good folks at RaptureAlert wrote: "Satan badly wants you to believe in ET’s, he is the ‘prince of the power of the air’ after all. Eph 2:2. The allure? Salvation by benevolent ETs comes with no strings attached. No accountability? No such salvation exists. This is a lie from satan. (John 8:44)"

Now for some facts: Of those people who claim they have been abducted, their stories are remarkably similar.
Sometimes the information [given by 'aliens' to abductees'] is blatantly religious, claiming that we humans were created by the aliens, that the aliens are trying to promote us along the road of evolution by their hybrid breeding program, and that mankind must unite, through alien supervision, into a one-world government and a one-world religion in order to survive.
Does this sound familiar? We know from scripture that in the end, the antichrist will initiate a one-world government and a on-world religion headed by the false prophet.
"Abductee surveys have revealed that the overwhelming majority of abductees have shown an interest in paranormal activities, Eastern religions, and [the] New Age world-view." The fact that very few born-again Christians show up among abductees is instructive.
That paranormal interest is a wide-open invitation to demons. It will get you every time. I repeat: EVERY TIME. Even more interesting, Stephen Yulish, PhD, said that abductions are stopped by uttering the name of Jesus Christ. James 2:19 tells us that demons “tremble at His name.” Why would benevolent aliens cease an abduction at the name of Jesus? A name, if they were from another galaxy, they likely would never have heard nor care about? Because they are not aliens, they are demons, and demons tremble at His name.

Why would demons go to all this trouble? We are in a war. Demons of the invisible world are fighting against Jesus and all His children. Warfare tactics are warfare tactics, whether carried out by American solders on Iraqi soil or by the invisible demonic world.
In warfare soldiers often "soften up" an area with artillery ahead of the invasion forces. Or, they may send in covert teams to clear obstacles, stash equipment, or plant various pre-set devices. These measures are designed to lower the cost of the invasion and make it go smoothly. According to the authors of the books referenced in this paper, (Missler and Eastman) the initial purpose of the last forty to fifty years of UFO sightings, abductions, and "messages," has been to prepare earthlings for the arrival of the aliens, to make their arrival and deceitful plans less frightening and more palatable to the people of earth. These efforts have been largely successful.
Remember the quote earlier from the folks at RaptureAlert, Demons (aliens) want you to believe that salvation exists from these benevolent higher 'evolved' beings, with no strings attached. They are preparing the way for the time of the Antichrist.
The ultimate goal of the aliens is to deceive and mislead as many people as possible in order to keep people from coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Step one in this process is creating a favorable climate for their ideas and presence. This is done through abductions and their messages to humanity. And, for a variety of reasons, the media and popular entertainment, have helped popularize the idea of extraterrestrials coming to earth to help mankind avoid disasters, nuclear war, environmental calamity, etc.

Another step in their plan is counterfeiting biblical events. The aliens apparently have a plan to counterfeit both the Rapture of the Church and the Second Coming of Christ.
Read much more at Christian Information about the demonic plan to counterfeit the Rapture, and to distract humans from the will and joy of Jesus Christ. They are attempting to prepare us now. But there are no aliens. They are demons, adept at lying. God created His angels and His children, no others exist in the Universe. There is a reason that we are seeing increased UFO reports and reading more and more about these supernatural events in the newspapers. They are supernatural, but they are of demonic origin. Do not be fooled!


  1. concerning school education on the holocaust which is compulsory,it is supposedly being taught'so it never happens again'.may seem reasonable until you see the books which are demonic revisionist is very clear after i studied several books that the booke glorify hittler quote,;i looked in his eyes and saw a good man .they learn the blood libels and to hate the jews .has anyone seen hodder history by neil demarco and there are many other books post comment.


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