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High profile lesbians divorce

From The Boston Herald: "The Jamaica Plain lesbians whose passionate love led to the groundbreaking legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts have called it quits and filed for divorce, the Herald has learned."

"The Goodridges’ landmark lawsuit famously persuaded the state Supreme Judicial Court in 2003 to make Massachusetts the first state to recognize same-sex marriage. Last week, they became one of 168 couples to file for divorce in Suffolk County in January."

"Neither Hillary Goodridge, 52, director of the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program, nor Julie Goodridge, 51, an investment adviser, who share custody of their 12 year old daughter, responded to calls yesterday."

First let me share my sadness over their loss. It is always hard to lose a loved one, and harder still to make an enormous life change, especially when children are involved. These women are hurting right now and there is nothing good about that.

The bible tells us that marriage was made for a man and a woman. It is God's plan and God's best. He also tells us in His Word that at the end of time people will be engaged in sin and sin and sin and be oblivious to its effects and the fact that their disobedience will earn them a slot below, not above.

Let us pray for the opportunity that this high-profile divorce opens doors to speak of God's best for men and women. That now that these women are not actively engaged in a sinful lifestyle that their hearts be opened and the scales fall from their eyes. One of the women works for the Unitarians, so God figures somewhere into her life. No matter how doctrinally light or insubstantial His presence is in the Unitarian Church, He is there. Pray that though God promises that the rapture will come at a time no man knoweth but will occur when the world is building and drinking and eating and marrying, that these women and their daughter can and do come humbly to the healing Spirit Who forgives. Because time is running out.

With the ever-increasing end time prophetic signs in the news, w
e have opportunities to use this news as a springboard to conversation of His forgiveness and our dire need for it. May the Lord open Hillary's and Julie's eyes and heart. Because time is running out.