Saturday, February 28, 2009

Water, drought, famine and repentance

I have seen articles for the past two or three days citing California's water woes. Our westernmost state is in a desperate drought situation. In reading these articles, I see some dots connecting that relate to prophecy. Let's connect them, prayerfully and carefully:

CA is the 8th largest economy in the world. California produces more than half the nation's fruits, vegetables and nuts, and farmers in recent weeks have been staggered by reports that the main federal source of irrigation water will go dry this year and the top state water project will not fulfill more than 15 percent of requested water. Aside from providing us with half our food, the economy of California is a dominant force in the economy of the United States, with California paying more to the federal system than it receives in direct monetary benefits.

With these facts in mind, please consider--
  • CA is bankrupt, not being able to meet payroll this month
  • They have declared a state emergency due to drought
  • They are considering mandatory water rationing
  • They are suffering nearly $3 billion in economic losses
  • Some growers in the most economically productive farm state simply are not able to plant
The last bullet is the one I would humbly beg your attention. A famine is a slow-moving disaster that (usually) takes years to set up but then appears seemingly out of nowhere. We know in the last days that famines will be prevalent. Luke 21:11 "There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven."

Please connect the economic, agricultural, and spiritual dots regarding the growing catastrophic CA situation...they are out of money, they are out of water, and they are running out of food. And as CA goes, so goes the nation.

California declares drought emergency

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday declared a state emergency due to drought and said he would consider mandatory water rationing in the face of nearly $3 billion in economic losses from below-normal rainfall this year.

This is from NY Times:
Drought Adds to Hardships in California

Last year, during the second year of the drought, more than 100,000 acres of the 4.7 million in the valley were left unplanted, and experts predict that number could soar to nearly 850,000 acres this year. All of which could mean shorter supplies and higher prices in produce aisles — California is the nation’s biggest producer of tomatoes, almonds, avocados, grapes, artichokes, onions, lettuce, olives and dozens of other crops — and increased desperation for people like Agustin Martinez, a 20-year veteran of the fields who generally makes $8 an hour picking fruit and pruning. “If I don’t have work, I don’t live,” said Mr. Martinez, a 39-year-old father of three who was waiting in a food line in Selma, southeast of Fresno. “And all the work is gone.”

And finally, this:
California drought could hit grocery store prices

Empty reservoirs could lead many farmers to be cut off from their water sources sometime this spring. That could leave farmers with little choice but to leave some of their land unplowed and unseeeded. Of course the parallels to the Dust Bowl are obvious: Along with Las Vegas, Phoenix and Miami, California is ground zero for the housing crisis, and now mother nature is joining the beat down...

Please join me in praying for California to repent, and for this nation to repent. We have become like the nation of Judah in Isaiah's time. In Isaiah chapters 1-5 he described a nation involved in not legitimately increasing their wealth but a ruthless takeover of property through theft or of depriving the poor...He describes a nation where society began to crumble as people focused on achieving selfish desires rather than meeting God's expectations...Small groups becoming wealthy by taking advantage of others, reducing most of the population to barely scraping by. A nation where leaders oppressed the poor while their spoiled wives wore lavish clothing, jewelry and perfumes purchased at the expense of the rest. Worse of all they had become pagan, either worshipping pagan gods or engaging in empty rituals thrown without care at the real God.

This sounds like an exact replica of today, in the nation of America! The headlines could just as easily say "Ripped from the bible!" I ask for prayer for our nation and especially for California, for California and America seems to be like Sodom rising, Gomorrah ground zero.

We don't read the news and match to the bible, but instead read the bible and then understand how our sinful actions in today's news repeat the behaviors of the past. We know that judgment of those actions came then and will come now. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I believe we are at the tipping point. This is my opinion. Shall we pray to our patient but wrathfully righteous God? May we pray for our nation to call out to Him in abject apology for thrusting Him aside and instituting false gods? We are a nation in dire need of repentance. Otherwise, we know the rest of the story...and there are still so many to be saved.

In His Name,

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