Saturday, March 28, 2009

Israel strikes Sudan, a Gog-Magog nation

In Ezekiel 38:1-6, the Hebrew prophet gives a list of ancient names that will form a united alliance that will attempt to come against Israel.

“Rosh, Meshech and Tubal” - Many Bible scholars believe “Rosh” refers directly to Russia. "Gog” is described as being “of the land of Magog” and as the “prince of Rosh. Most Bible scholars believe Gog is not a name but a title, like Pharaoh or Czar. He is a dictator who will hatch an “evil plan” (Ezekiel 38:10).
“Magog” - Leading Bible scholars say this is Russia and republics of the former Soviet Union.
“Persia” - This was the official name of Iran until 1935.
“Cush” - Bible scholars today believe “Cush” refers to Sudan and Ethiopia.
“Put” - Bible scholars are confident that this refers to the modern day country of Libya, though it may also refer to parts of Algeria and Tunisia.

and others including Turkey and Armenia. Here is another source for further reading about the Ezekiel war in ch 37-38.

Now we see ABC exclusively reporting that Israel has been striking Sudan. Sudan? you may say. Why would Israel care about Sudan? Well, in light of the future alliance of the Gog-Magog coalition, you know that Sudan figures prominently in an alliance of nations that attack Israel. Those nations are ever more closely helping each other install a noose around Israel's neck. Can you see the puzzle pieces coming together?

Exclusive: Three Israeli Airstrikes Against Sudan

Israel has conducted three military strikes against targets in Sudan since January in an effort to prevent what were believed to be Iranian [Persian] weapons shipments from reaching Hamas in the Gaza Strip, ABC News has learned.

Remember Muammar Gaddafi, the crazy Libyan ("Put") leader that Reagan was always railing against? It seems that Colonel Gaddafi has rehabilitated his reputation to the extent that he is now the President of the African Union! He leads a united coalition of African nations (including those in the Gog-Magog alliance!).

Gaddafi is pushing for a global currency and a more united front in Africa, called the United States of Africa, each nation's sovereignty subsumed under the union like the states of America. It is by no means certain that Gaddafi's push for a United Nations of Africa will succeed, it is still a miracle that the AU even exists, and that Gaddafi is the President of it, but maybe it will succeed to the extent that Sudan, Libya, and Ethiopia, perhaps Algiers and Tunisia form an alliance along with Iran and Russia. Impossible you say? And we are back to Ezekiel 37-38 coalition...

Gaddafi pushes for union after election to head AU

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was elected chairman of the African Union on Monday and made clear he would pursue his vision of a United States of Africa despite reluctance from many members. Resplendent in golden robes and cap and hailed as "king of kings" by traditional African leaders who accompanied him, Gaddafi accepted a gavel from the outgoing chairman, Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, at a summit in Ethiopia.

New World Order

This is an increasingly flung phrase these days but how it fits with prophecy is in Revelation 13, the one world currency, one world government and the one world religion. When we hear 'new world order' it means a geo-political shift form 192 sovereign nations, to either a one world government or a series of clusters of unions, as described in Daniel 7:24 (the ten kings).

In the last two weeks the African Union led by Gaddafi called for a global currency, & so did China, Russia, and the UN. The EU President (who is the premier of Czechoslovakia) said that following the US economic policies is a 'way to hell' even as his own government fell. Kuwait also fell. Treasury Secretary Geithner at first said no to the dropping of the dollar as a global reserve currency, then the next day did an about face, sending world markets on a wild ride.

If a global currency is set up then Revelation 13, where each person has a mark or a number without which 'no man' may buy nor sell, would be fulfilled. "No man" means everyone, all over the globe, and if there is one mark used globally, that means a universal currency.

Our wild ride into Revelation's description of the world at the end of days is continuing apace.

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