Obama taking over Presidency of UN Security Council

I read some news last night around 10pm that disquieted me greatly. The news is that Obama is the first US President to assume the post of UN Security Council President. I mulled and prayed and researched. I feel this is a large advance in prophetic timetable but I will be honest, I am not sure exactly how. Here is some background about the interior workings of the UN, before discussion of how or if this relates to prophecy:

According to Wikipedia, "The President of the United States appoints an "Ambassador to the United Nations." The United States Ambassador to the United Nations is the leader of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations. These appointments are Cabinet level, and are OK’d by Congress. They are usually filled by seasoned, career diplomats. Previous Ambassadors have been, for example, Henry Cabot Lodge, Madeline Albright, John Bolton, John Danforth, Jeane Kirkpatrick. The Ambassador has several duties, one of which is to assume the Chairmanship (Presidency) of the UN Security Council when the US’s turn comes up in the rotation. The UN Security Council has five permanent, veto-wielding members (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States) and 10 other members elected on 2-year terms. The Permanent Representatives of the U.N. Security Council permanent members are Zhang Yesui, Jean-Maurice Ripert, Vitaly Churkin, John Sawers, and for the US, Susan Rice. For 64 years this is the way it has been done.

The U.S. Ambassador to the UN, (now Susan Rice), is charged with representing the United States on the U.N. Security Council and during all plenary meetings of the General Assembly.

In a departure from protocol and tradition, Obama is taking over Ambassador Rice’s role as Cabinet-level appointee and as a career diplomat to insinuate HIMSELF as the UN Security Council President. This has never been done before. And no other head of state from other nations that I could find has ever done this, either.

This role as President of UN SC "is one of the principal organs of the United Nations and is charged with the maintenance of international peace and security. Its powers, outlined in the United Nations Charter, include the establishment of peacekeeping operations, the establishment of international sanctions, and the authorization of military action. Its powers are exercised through United Nations Security Council Resolutions."

Obama's ascension to a position of second most powerful at the UN; amid the very timing when the UN has stated it wants to explore a global currency (a prophecy so this means that it will occur, the antichrist institutes a mark without which no one on the globe can buy nor sell); when nuclear ambitions of Iran are plain and their deadline for talks is nigh; when Israel is being pressured heavily by Obama and others to concede and allow a Palestinian state; amid all the other end times signs and prophecies being fulfilled ... seems worthy of a raised eyebrow at the very least.

The main function of the UN SC among several is to "maintain international peace and security in accordance with the principles and purposes of the United Nations;" and Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice said "The international community, through the body responsible for peace and security, could show that it was united in support of effective steps to ensure nuclear non-proliferation, and committed to appropriate progress on nuclear disarmament" and we know from the bible in 1 Thessalonians that "when they are saying peace and security, destruction will come upon them suddenly."

Think on this, Obama's ascension from junior Senator from Illinois Legislature, to second most powerful position on the planet as United Nations Security Council President, only took five years. This is amazing. Not to mention the parallels in the fictional movie series Left Behind with the main evil character Nicolae Carpathia and his appointment to the UN.

I am sorry I am not more pointed about the prophetic implications, but my reading of the bible and understanding of the end time picture do tell me that the pieces are there and that this is important. Any time you have a departure from standard procedure such as the US President taking over the Presidency of a military body such as UN Security Council at a time when the one world order seems not only possible but imminent, and when that departure from tradition is effected by a man who clamors for power and adulation, who has vaulted to prominence on a wisp of experience and whose personal origins are still hidden, and comes at a time that is most perilous for the United States in terms of economy and sovereignty, my prophetic antennae are raised. I offer this essay as food for thought and hopefully your own antenna are raised too. Please thoughtfully pray and seek the Lord's wisdom for opening our eyes to the times we are in and our individual responses and service to Him in these waning days.


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