Bizarre cloud over Moscow

This is a screen shot of a 33 second video filmed from inside a car in Moscow. LiveLeak video here. Hmmm, is is supernatural? Or just a "Hole Punch cloud? Even hole punch clouds rarely form in a perfect circle and persist for a long time, as this one did. Another cloud phenomenon I've covered was "Mysterious Tubular Clouds Defy Explanation". Bizarre is a good title for this. More and more bizarre things happening lately.


One of my favorite sites,  NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day, talks a bit about hole punch clouds, referring to this one seen in Alabama a few years ago. "What could create a huge hole in the clouds? Such a hole, likely hundreds of meters across, was photographed last month from a driveway near Mobile, Alabama, USA. Very unusual to see, hole-punch clouds like this are still the topic of meteorological speculation. A leading hypothesis holds that the hole-punch cloud is caused by falling ice-crystals. The ice-crystals could originate in a higher cloud or be facilitated by a passing airplane exhaust. If the air has just the right temperature and moisture content, the falling crystals will absorb water from the air and grow. For this to happen, the water must be so cold that all it needs is a surface to freeze on. The moisture lost from the air increases the evaporation rate from the cloud water droplets so they dissipate to form the hole. The now heavier ice crystals continue to fall and form the more tenuous wispy cloud-like virga seen inside and just below the hole. Water and ice from the virga evaporates before they reach the ground."

However, the hole punch clouds I see online do not look like this one in Moscow, which was filled-in while the others are a punch-out. Though this one in Tx comes close. (scroll down to see it). You decide.


  1. hole punch clouds are indeed strange things and the explanation for them from scientists makes no sense. Are they Signs and Wonders?

    What you see does not match up with what they tell us, as punch hole clouds can be found in many shapes and sizes. to show the range fo what they look like there are some on this page that also gives an alternative view point

    is it gods way of showing us that scientists dont know everything and sometimes we have to look at what we can see compared to what we are being told and think for ourselves?

  2. Elizabeth, you are a VERY good writer! I've enjoyed and appreciated your The End Time blogposts, and I'm adding your blog to my favorites on The Future History site.

    Just today I saw drive-by video of this same filled in punch-hole cloud on Fox news. Weird to say the least! ("Signs in the heavens...")


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