Friday, October 30, 2009

The coming Antichrist

This is a solidly biblical sermon series on the Antichrist. It is in three parts, totaling about 25 minutes. It is part of an ongoing series by Dr. David Jeremiah, titled "What in the world is going on? Ten prophetic signs you can't afford to ignore." In this informative message, "When One Man Rules the World", Dr. Jeremiah talks about the coming of a new world Leader (Antichrist) who will emerge after millions of Christians are Raptured. Worth a look. While it's good to become acquainted with the scriptures that outline the personality and characteristics of the Antichrist, some people spend time researching who he is, debating who he is, and looking for him here and there. My favorite quote from the sermon: Don't spend a lot of time looking for the Antichrist. We are looking for Christ!

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