PS on Oprah's new show

After finishing the lengthy essay below regarding the subject matter of Oprah's new S&M, erotic HBO series, I thought of Isaiah 5:20 balanced against two quotes from the article:

The director acknowledged that the main character, "Georgia will embrace darkness with a joyful spirit."

Embracing darkness... but...

"It's a very erotic mystery about...a woman and her secret desires that are, in fact, rather pure," Wilson said.

Darkness is light? Deviancy is pure? Isaiah 5:50 tells us

"Woe to those who call evil good
       and good evil,
       who put darkness for light
       and light for darkness,
       who put bitter for sweet
       and sweet for bitter."


  1. ......and now this:

    makes me rather sick considering he's muslim and all the info you just posted on her.


  2. Thanks for the link. I wasn't aware she was going to make a show from the White House on the Obama's White House Christmas special. I am convinced, as you and many others are, that Obama is a Muslim, gathered from good public evidence. At the very least, he is NOT a Christian. Doubly, the idea of an Oprah - Obama Christmas special makes me very, very sad. I can't wait until the time the Lord's name is lifted up by ALL.

  3. I just looked at that photo again, and what's up with Oprah? She looks down right unhappy, doesn't she? She must be very conflicted...with her background and where she is now.....having had my own wilderness experience, I can certainly understand how she might be feeling, but continues on her mission of "self".


  4. I can only *hope* that she is unhappy, because that would mean the Spirit is doing a work in her heart. The alternate would mean that God has abandoned her to her hardened heart, and after that, there is little hope for salvation.


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