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Here a nuke, there a nuke, everywhere a nuke nuke

After a decades-long cessation in the news from the words nuclear, preemptive, nuke, and strike, those words are back in print. Worse, their reappearance conveys hardened military philosophy, discussion, and perhaps use. Knowing prophecy and its revealing that nuclear strikes (likely) occur in the Tribulation, nuclear as a concept-only will remain moot for not much longer. I wrote this week that I believe the bible foretells nuclear exchanges during the Tribulation. One-Fourth of all humans will die within three and a half years. That is over 2 BILLION people. We also know that the Gog-Magog war Russia and Iran are major aggressors. That these countries are both in the news this week with the word "nuclear" attached to them is no surprise. Heavy hearted, nonetheless I offer the following news excerpts:

Russia unveils new nuclear doctrine
"Lowering the threshhold for the use of nuclear weapons, Russia has said it reserves the right to hit back with nukes in case of an aggression, in a new doctrine which may be a veiled warning to China and rising NATO powers."

U.S. Should Embrace Using Nukes for Nuclear Threat Only, Experts Say
"Perry argued that nonproliferation and disarmament efforts have "stalled or even reversed" in the last decade, noting that Russia and China today are said to be building new nuclear weapons. "North Korea has gone nuclear and Iran is following close in its footsteps," according to Perry. If those countries develop their own arsenals "I believe we will cross over a nuclear tipping point, greatly increasing the danger of a nuclear catastrophe in the world," he said."

The End of Obama’s Vision of a Nuke Free World
"Perhaps the most telling indicator of failed nonproliferation policy on the part of the Obama administration is the fact that there has been no progress on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program."

Clinton: Iran Nuke Could Trigger Nuclear Arms Race in Middle East
"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that if Iran acquires a nuclear bomb it could trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, which would create "dangerous" problems in the region."

I believe the aforementioned tipping point has been reached. The US and other nations underestimate the fervor with which the current Iranian Administration believe that it is their duty to start a war so that the world can be expunged of sinners and thus herald the final Mahdi's arrival. They believe this Mahdi or Twelfth Imam is the ultimate savior of humankind and is the final Imam of the Twelve Imams over the ages. They believe that this final or Twelfth Imam cannot appear until the war begins. Ahmadinejad has stated before that he feels he is the appointed one to start that war to cause the the Twelfth Imam to arrive. He and the Iranian Clerics including the Supreme Leader Khomeini are firm on this. And there is no motivator like religious fervor, for better or worse. These leaders' harsh words and actions certainly bear out their intent to create a nuclear materiel. For them in their mindset, having materiel without using it is no good to a country intent on bringing their savior to earth through horrific war. They will use it, they have said so over and over.

It is to earth's peril that on this point at least, we fail to take them at their word.