Monday, May 24, 2010

Burning down The Shack

In July of 2008, at the height of Shack-mania, I wrote here that the best-selling book "The Shack" is a devilish deception. I wrote about it again in April of 2009 here, saying it is a book full of doctrines of demons. In November of 2009 I explained why Christians should not read The Shack, here. Are you getting the idea that I believe The Shack is not-good?

Tim Challies was one of the first to identify this book as a deception, back in January of 2008, and he wrote about it here. Another book has come along with a chapter-by-chapter rebuttal of the doctrines of demons contained in the best-selling book that has influenced millions.

Up in flames: Melting false teachings of 'The Shack': Professor takes torch to 'blasphemous doctrine' of best-seller is the subject of a promotion by World Net Daily. "Author James De Young says of The Shack, "its depiction of God as an African woman who suffered Christ's crucifixion – and the book's exclusion of any existence of Satan and hell – represent just some of its many dangerous deceptions.
If such deceptions, which upend biblical teachings on sin, redemption, salvation and damnation, go unchallenged, says De Young, this "feel-good novel" could prove terribly divisive and destructive to millions of Christians." In my opinion it has already done great damage.

Here is another review of "Burning Down The Shack", due out June 1:

New Book 'Burning Down 'The Shack'' Exposes Great Deception Lurking in Church's Blindside
It's the feel-good novel about faith that millions of people love. And its warm and fuzzy depiction of God the Father is cherished by millions of Evangelical Christians who've embraced it as though it were gospel.

This mass adoration has helped seemingly cement William Paul Young's The Shack to the stratosphere of numerous best-sellers list--where it's remained for more than 100 weeks--a claim no other book can make.

Yet it is infused with counterfeit Christianity, says author James De Young in his new book, Burning Down 'The Shack': How the 'Christian' Bestseller is Deceiving Millions, and its depiction of God the Father as an African woman who bore the scars of Calvary with Jesus Christ is just one example of its many dangerous deceptions.

De Young isn't only a New Testament Language and Literature professor at Western Seminary in Portland, Ore., he's also a former longtime colleague of Paul Young, and was his Portland-area neighbor when Young wrote The Shack.

Burning Down 'The Shack,' which WND Books publishes June 1, challenges readers to consider the perilous religious beliefs of the author. While writing The Shack, Young, a victim of child molestation, had recently embraced "universal reconciliation" -- a belief identified as far back as the sixth century as heresy -- which emphasizes that Jesus' loving nature renders him incapable of eternally damning people.
In "Burning Down 'The Shack'", De Young delivers a chapter-by-chapter evaluation of more than 15 heresies within The Shack. Chief among the errors is what Young left out. "A familiar, but deceptive maneuver is to give an aspect of a theological issue, while ignoring an equally important aspect that qualifies or limits the first one," De Young writes to explain Young's obvious exclusion of Satan and Hell."

What does the bible say? 1 Timothy 4:1 - "The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons." And The Shack is one of them.

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