More volcanoes erupting

For a lengthier study of volcanoes and the bible, go here

Several more volcanic eruptions, this time, in the South Pacific.

Volcanic eruptions in Vanuatu and CNMI
May 31, 2010 16:20:40

"A giant plume of volcanic ash is disrupting flights in the Pacific and threatening villagers in Vanuatu, echoing similar problems which caused air traffic chaos in Europe. Forecasters in New Zealand say the cloud, spewing from Vanuatu's Mount Yasur volcano, was about 18-hundred metres high, covering an area of about 200 square kilometres. Tourists have been urged to stay away from the volcano on Tanna island, which has disrupted domestic flights in neighbouring New Caledonia." [that's a mile high ash plume!]

"Meanwhile, an underwater volcanic eruption has led to a state of disaster being declared across the entire CNMI, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. The governor, Benigno Fitial, declared the state of disaster following a loud explosion at the active submarine volcano on the island of Sarigan, located about 175 kilometres north of Saipan. A huge smoke plume was seen over the island on the weekend. As a result sea and air traffic has been severely affected - posing a big threat to the CNMI's biggest income earner, tourism." [the smoke plume from this eruption was EIGHT miles high, according to this bulletin]

Apparently Sarigan has never been active. According to Science Blog entry here "Sarigan has not had any known historical eruptions, but two seismic swarms were centered at the volcano in August 2005. Holocene lava flows on the flanks of the volcano are the only signs of geologically recent activity at Sarigan" and here "There are no known historic eruptions of Sarigan, but there is a small pyroclastic cone at the summit, which might suggest it has erupted relatively recently (as in the last few hundred years). The only signs of life at Sarigan were an earthquake swarm in August of 2005."

Volcano eruptions are on the rise for 2010, on track to be the most ever. More information on the number of eruptions in history, here


  1. Elizabeth,
    Vanuatu and the Mariana Islands are being wracked with earthquakes as well!

    Also, did you see the Drudge headline this a.m. about "The Gods are Angry" and how the storm stopped Pres. Obama from delivering his Memorial Day address in Chicago?

    God is really speaking loud and clear to any who will listen!


  2. Hi Kim,

    I agree! And funny, I am JUST finishing a blog entry on the Drudge headline and how God is speaking! It'll be up in about 10 minutes. He surely is, speaking, loud and clear if you ask me!


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