Is your 'check engine' light on?

Another sinkhole

 The planet has been plagued lately with a spate of explosions, oil leaks, and sinkholes. A chemical plant exploded in Athens GA yesterday, destroying the plant and sending plumes of toxic smoke into the air and chemicals into a nearby creek. I reported on two oil leaks the other day, one in Kalamazoo River in Michigan (800,000 gallons polluted the river and Lake Michigan). The other was in Louisiana, a tug crashed into an abandoned wellhead, and gas and oil spewed 100 feet into the air. And the sinkholes, goodness, the sinkholes! From China to UK to America to South America, the ground has been sinking, cracking, and simply pitting, into enormous holes that swallow cars, buildings, and whole intersections. The earth will crack up eventually, Isaiah talks about the earth reeling to and fro like a drunkard before it eventually cracks apart. It has been my contention that though we are not in the tribulation now, therefore no judgment is occurring (only warnings- to repent!) that we can see precursors to future prophesied activity. Peeking around the corner we see it all coming like a freight train.

[Above, Athens GA plant explosion.] Now, is it unusual that a chemical plant exploded? No. But the almost daily occurrence of these events from north to south, east to west, IS. Check out this headline from Time Magazine this week China's Industrial Accidents Quietly on the Rise: "A massive explosion in a southern Chinese city is only the latest in a series of industrial accidents that have hit China in recent weeks. While the country's economic boom has always been dogged by environmental and safety hazards, the frequency of disasters this summer has raised new questions about whether the country can maintain its pace of expansion without doing catastrophic harm to its people and the environment."

Here is today's sinkhole activity. I say 'today' because it seems to be occurring on a daily basis now. This one occurred yesterday in West Cumbria, in the northwest of England.

Twenty foot deep hole opens on main west Cumbrian road
"Traffic chaos in Whitehaven town centre is set to continue over the weekend as investigations take place into why part of a road collapsed.  Part of busy Inkerman Terrace collapsed last night, leaving a 20ft deep hole in the carriageway. A Cumbria Highways spokesman said this afternoon that further investigations are being carried out."

Whitehaven teen tells of shock road hole find
"Josh Pears was heading off on a  camping trip with friends and walking out of Whitehaven on Thursday evening when he noticed the hole in Inkerman Terrace. When he and his friends looked into the hole, which was a matter of inches across, they could see a pipe, but nothing beyond it, and even throwing coins into the darkness couldn’t help them work out how deep it was. The 16-year-old said: “All you could see was the pipe about a foot below the surface, and after that there was nothing. We were throwing pennies in but you couldn’t hear them landing. It could have gone miles down for all we knew."

When daylight hit, observers said, "The sudden appearance of the hole, alongside the Chase Hotel, spread about 12 feet across the street underneath the surface. Area engineer Karl Melville said this morning: “It’s just a huge hole. There’s nothing there at all. It’s lucky no one fell in to it.”

The Lord Jesus said that the end time would be characterized by birth pangs. The end time is technically the moment of Jesus' ascension through the clouds to the moment He returns. However, Jesus also said that birth pangs would increase as a sign that the end was nearing. He wants us to notice the time. He wants us to repent, for time grows short. He sends signs and warnings and prophecies, and they are listed in most of the Old Testament books and all but 4 of the New, so that we WOULD repent. Even if you are a Christian, check your walk with Him. Make sure you know where your final destination will be. He said that many will not be saved, even those who think they are saved. I know when the trumpet sounds and He calls for us, I am headed up! Do you know for sure?