D.C. rattled by area's largest recorded earthquake

"There will be earthquakes in diverse places" Luke 21:11

D.C. rattled by area's largest recorded earthquake

"WASHINGTON — The largest earthquake ever recorded within 30 miles of Washington, D.C., rattled the capital early Friday, waking many residents but causing no reported damage. The quake hit at 5:04 a.m. ET with a magnitude of 3.6, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was centered near Rockville, Md., the USGS National Earthquake Information Center said. NBC News reported that the quake was felt in the D.C.-area, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Amy Vaughn, a spokesperson for USGS, told WRC-TV that the quake was the largest recorded within 50 kilometers (31 miles) of Washington since a database was created in 1974. The previous record within that time period was a 2.6 magnitude temblor in 1990. "So this is pretty significant for your area," Vaughn told WRC-TV."

"Gloria Jackson, a police communications supervisor for the Montgomery County Police Department, said the department has received numerous calls about the earthquake, but that no injuries or significant property damage had been reported as of 5:35 a.m. ET. NBC News correspondent Jim Miklaszewski said he felt the quake for about 10 seconds at his Maryland home, which is located about 25 miles north of the capital.
"It started as a low audible rumble that built to a crescendo and shook the house and rattled the windows," he added. NBC News colleague Tom Costello told TODAY that the quake reminded him of a "massive freight train" passing by."

'Holy cow!' "Thousands of messages were posted to social networking website Twitter following the quake, with many people expressing surprise but not reporting any adverse effects. One Twitter user, @stevebuttry, wrote: "Quake didn't disturb any of the tiny items in @mimijohnson's shadow box, which can fall if you slam the door. Not that I ever do that." Another, @olli85olli, wrote: "Holy cow ... earthquake! 3.7 on the Richter scale. Nothing in comparison to others, but this is new for us in Maryland/VA." Citing the USGS, NBC News reported that there had never been an earthquake centered within the District of Columbia itself."

If the voters can't wake them up, maybe an earthquake will. I hope they take the message to heart that greed, corruption, Godlessness, and craven personal ambition at the expense of a nation is not God's best. In Luke 21:11 Jesus said there would be earthquakes in diverse places as a signal and a warning of the end time. Are we listening? Earthquakes are a signature of God and part of the vocabulary He uses to speak with His people. He uses earthquakes to warn, punish, and show His power. More on that here.

They undestand an earthquake occurred, but how many will translate that Language of God into a action? Or how many will simply say "plates moved and the earth shook"? How many instead will say, "We need to stop pressuring Netanyahu to divide Jerusalem", or "We need to use our  power and might for God-honoring purposes"  or "We need to set aside some of our wealth to help the less fortunate." Few, if none. Pray that the event turns some hearts toward God and that further the hearts seek after God-honoring actions that will please Him!

End times winding down, Tribulation soon, I think!


  1. another great article, elizabeth. how 'bout all those sinkholes:)

  2. Hi Arnold, thanks! I posted a follow-up to the DC quake, about repentance, and JUST posted one about this morning's NJ parking garage collapse into a massive sinkhole. Oh, my, it's coming faster and faster now! I'm praying no one was hurt in the garage collapse, looking good right now, almost all are accounted for.


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