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Doomsday vaults doing bunker-busting business

I get a kick out of secular people who mock Christians for preparing for the moment when the Lord will come collect us and doomsday ensues for those left behind. They say we are crazy fear-mongers, nut-cases and ridiculous wingnuts. Then they spend billions of dollars preparing for doomsday.

'Doomsday Ark' to be Housed on the Moon -A Remote Access Toolkit to Rebuild the Human Race
"Eventually, it will be necessary to have a kind of Noah’s ark there, a diversity of species from the biosphere."

See, already, the doomsday seed vault, the doomsday genetic vault, and the private doomsday vaults we are recently learning about are touted as inadequate for the horrific things that are coming. So we need one on the moon. There's the seed vault in Norway, buried deep in a frozen mountainside, which houses all the supplies that humanity would need to rebuild a green world in the event the one we already have is wiped out. There's the underground vault in Britain that houses genetic samples that could help rebuild an entire ecosystem. "The thing is, though, as highly reinforced as these structures may be, if Earth is wiped out, chances are these vaults won't survive. But a vault on the moon -- that's a different story. The Ark will contain the essentials of life and human civilization, to be activated in the event of earth being devastated by a giant asteroid or nuclear war. The construction of a lunar information bank, discussed at a conference in Strasbourg last month, would provide survivors on Earth with a remote-access toolkit to rebuild the human race."

That will only work if the people who have access to the "toolkit" are alive after the asteroid hits.

The notion of an ark was original to the bible. The LORD said He would render judgment because man at that time continually had evil thoughts. The LORD was grieved He had made man. (Genesis 6:5-8). However, Noah was deemed righteous and the LORD made a provision for Noah and his family to be saved through the coming Tribulation judgment. He directed Noah to build an ark. Note that the catalyst for building the ark, a vessel designed to hold the precious cargo in safety so that earth can start over, was GOD'S. Not man's. Notice that the cataclysm that came was because of man's evil, not God's.

However, we have fallen so far that now, that things have reversed. Man decided he can rely on himself to carry him through doomsday, a doomsday that will come because of the evil and uncaring God. Note that the fall-back position is of the certainty of a doomsday. That a doomsday will come is not in question. The question is what to do about it. And man sure has been busy these last couple of years, but he is not taking actions in the right direction. We now hear in the news of of seed bunkers, genetic bunkers, lunar bunkers, private bunkers. All of them are called "arks" of some kind. Biblical references are often made.

Vivos's private doomsday bunkers are selling like hotcakes. ABC News said,  "Armageddon. Apocalypse. The end of the world as we know it. Call it what you want, but they believe the end, some end, is near, and so they are preparing, buying bunker properties with hi-tech amenities. 21st centry fallout shelters to carry them through catastrophe. Vivos's private luxury bunker touts that "Vivos may prove to be the next Genesis." As the sales pitch went, "It's Noah's Ark, it just happens to be underground." As the ABC News reporter says:

"There is now a critical mass of customers shopping for that extra sense of security."

They think they can survive what is coming. They can't. NO man can survive while relying on his own self, his own ingenuity, his own protections. They couldn't before, they won't now. UNLESS they are saved by the grace of Jesus and His blood shed on the cross for all humans. It is that, and that alone which will give them that sense of extra security.

Arks. Doomsday. Genesis. They deny the bible, but they prepare for its promised effects. And they will find that man's preparations will be futile.


  1. Best article I've ever read regarding doomsday.

  2. Thank you texasangel. I made a recent follow up, given the increasing interest in "prepping."

    I pray that many will prepare by repenting and trusting Jesus.


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