Karachi beaches swamped with dying mulloscs. Every night.

File this one under: weird. Millions of seashells are being deposited nightly on beaches in Pakistan, and there are a myriad of reasons given. One report said that it was a late-reaction to the stirred waters of Cyclone Phet ... over a month ago ... and though no other cyclone has ever caused this kind of massive tidal deposit before. This report said that it started occurring before Cyclone Phet, and speculated that a toxic chemical has been dumped offshore. This report says that in addition to millions of live seashells washed ashore, a giant sea turtle now numbers among the decaying corpses. Another report states that the situation is getting dire, the shells on the beach are causing an extremely malodorous situation, and are causing injuries to beachgoers. In addition, the trucked-away shells and sand is heavy and an environmental concern

That the shells are washing up is a fact. That no one knows why is also fact. Could be nothing. Could just another one of those unexplained things that are happening in an increasingly strange world.

Residents have repeatedly complained about the smell. “We have tried to keep our doors and windows open,” said Fahad, a neighbourhood resident. “But the smell simply made our lives miserable.”