Things that make me go hmmm...

In the transcript of the Press Briefing with National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen July 13, 2010 regarding the BP efforts to contain the cap and squelch the oil flow, he said:
We just finished a seismic run through the field. About a 2.5 kilometer run basically from north to south with what we call the (inaudible) carrying very sophisticated acoustical sensors. That is intended to give us a baseline from which we can detect any anomalies after we do the well integrity test regarding anything that might happen with the sea floor or the formation moving ahead.[emphasis mine]
Yes it is always good to make sure the SEA FLOOR is stable enough to money around with putting different pressures on it, elsewhere... His statement reassuring the listeners and viewers coming on the heels of an abrupt cessation of well-capping is troublesome. To say the least. The Gainesville Sun noted, Government questions whether cap will make BP oil spill worse, and Rep Markey (D-MA) flat out said BP Stonewalling on Wellbore Integrity, Sea Floor Leaks. Yes, Rep Markey, we're all wondering that.