Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another UFO in China shuts down another airport

AOL News-
Another UFO Shuts Down Another Airport in China
"Here we go again. Just months after an unidentified object temporarily shut down an airport in China, another UFO briefly halted operations at a different Chinese airport. According to initial sketchy reports in ShanghaiDaily.com and the People's Daily Online, the UFO forced the Baotou airport in China's Inner Mongolia province to prevent three planes from landing for almost an hour Saturday night. Whatever the unknown object was -- and mind you, nobody is claiming aliens or interdimensional beings here -- it was reported hovering near the airport. As strictly a safety response, officials wouldn't allow aircraft to land and directed two of them to land at neighboring airports (where, presumably, the UFO had no interest)."

I reported on the first UFO incident here, and it has photos.

What does this mean for the End Time? Satan is already god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4), though his power over man is only to the extent that unsaved man will allow him in. Demonic activity is increasing as satan and his fallen angels ready themselves for their heyday with all power and authority given to them by God. (Rev 13:2; Rev 13:5;). It's interesting that the AOL news article mentions the 'interdimensional beings', because of course, demons (fallen angels) are interdimensional. They appear and disappear as the bible shows angels doing (Luke 1:19; Mt 28:1-32; Heb 13:2). They are extraterrestrial also, since they are living, created beings who do not live on this planet but visit it frequently.

Since they have power to move through dimensions, to appear and disappear, and also to appear as bright light, (2 Cor. 11:14) then of course it would be no small matter to cause a bright light to appear in the sky and zoom this way or that. And since satan will have power to cause lying wonders, it would be no small matter for the fallen angels (demons) to make a craft appear in the sky and startle the locals. Someday they may land and say "take me to your leader."

If we are still on earth when that happens who would you tell them your leader is?


  1. Hmm interesting theory.. UFO's are demonic manifestations.

    Gonna have to research that one. Thanks for the different angle on that.

  2. You're welcome. I listened to Chuck Missler and he presented science that states that many UFO 'craft' (or lights if craft are not evident), can travel faster than the speed of light but produce no sonic boom, they are able to make hard right angle turns at that speed which is impossible according to physics, that they are seen on radar but not seen with the eyes, or at other times are seen with the eyes but not on radar.

    It makes sense to me that the 'angels of light' who masquerade as ministers of righteousness and live in interdimensional realms could manifest as a lying sign and wonder to us as a higher being. In the vacuum left by Christians in the ensuing chaos to a world with no discernment means that they would appear to "help" us and the world would believe it. They might even say that they took us, as an explanation for the rapture.

    Biblically, We also know that the Nephilim (progeny of the fallen angels and women they took, Gen 6:4) were on the earth before Noah, "and also after that". And Jesus said the end days would be like the days of Noah...I believe these guys will present themselves as higher intelligent beings during the Trib and work with the False Prophet and Antichrist.

    Chuck Missler is a bible teacher who previously worked for many decades in American armaments contract-basis, for the aeronautics industry, and is a scientist. One of his studies is here:

  3. I have to say out of all the theories that I have listened to, this I believe rings truest. I believe that you maybe on to something here, and it is Biblically sound.

    Thanks for your insight and the link to the study.
    You have a great ministry here. Keep up the Good Fight.

    As Paul says, we are not at war with flesh and blood, but with principalities and forces of evil.

    We as Christians are at war, and it's about time we start acting like it.


  4. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks. It is my belief but I think the bible supports the concept. You might be interested in the other times I delved into the topic, in more depth



  5. I witnessed 3 glowing purple objects, on a 7 day personal retreat, on a wilderness MD island. I was awoken early in the late evening by something. They hovered over the ocean until sunrise. I tried to video them, but it was all static. I believe these orbs are also demonic. I was on a quest for end-times answers.


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