Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update to "wealth skew" blog entry published on Sunday

Here is a blurb updating my recent post on Wealth Skew, the gap between rich and poor that is present now and will continue to its widest and worst in the Tribulation. A news article this morning confirms "Census finds record gap between rich and poor:" I posted the entry on Sunday and the news is from today, Tuesday. The original post is here and also contains the update. Please read the original post for the context & the bible verses...:) Also, the Census article is very interesting.

I found this news article this morning:

Census finds record gap between rich and poor:
The income gap between the richest and poorest Americans grew last year to its widest amount on record as young adults and children in particular struggled to stay afloat in the recession. The top-earning 20 percent of Americans — those making more than $100,000 each year — received 49.4 percent of all income generated in the U.S., compared with the 3.4 percent earned by those below the poverty line, according to newly released census figures. That ratio of 14.5-to-1 was an increase from 13.6 in 2008 and nearly double a low of 7.69 in 1968.

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