Earthquake swarm off Yemen today (UPDATED)(again)

Update below. USGS page with the Yemen EQ swarm: here. Earthquakes in diverse places...(Mark 13:8). So...Yemen is seismic. Who knew!
 4.9  2010/11/14 17:39:21  NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 5.3  2010/11/14 17:02:50  NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN 
 4.9  2010/11/14 15:15:07   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 5.3  2010/11/14 15:06:31   NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
 5.1  2010/11/14 14:55:27   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 5.2  2010/11/14 14:33:19   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 5.0  2010/11/14 14:04:31   NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
 5.0  2010/11/14 13:50:05   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.9  2010/11/14 12:49:56   NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
 4.7  2010/11/14 12:48:34   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.8  2010/11/14 12:41:49   NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
 4.7  2010/11/14 12:39:00   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.7  2010/11/14 12:17:17   NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
 4.6  2010/11/14 12:00:47   NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
 4.9  2010/11/14 11:30:19   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.8  2010/11/14 11:14:12   NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
 4.9  2010/11/14 10:37:47   GULF OF ADEN
 4.5  2010/11/14 10:37:26   GULF OF ADEN
 4.8  2010/11/14 10:34:29   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.8  2010/11/14 09:23:28   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.9  2010/11/14 09:17:52   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.5  2010/11/14 09:06:00   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.6  2010/11/14 08:30:22   NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI
 5.0  2010/11/14 08:21:22   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.5  2010/11/14 07:57:18   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.9  2010/11/14 07:38:34   GULF OF ADEN
 4.9  2010/11/14 07:27:39   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.8  2010/11/14 07:08:31   GULF OF ADEN
 4.7  2010/11/14 07:03:36   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 5.4  2010/11/14 06:32:28   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN
 4.6  2010/11/14 06:29:31   NEAR THE COAST OF YEMEN

According to the history of the area, at USGS, the Yemen-Gulf of Aden-Djibouti area IS seismic, but in a minor way. Between 1950 through yesterday this area had 56 earthquakes ranging between mag 4.0-5.9. There were no quakes greater than mag 5.9 during that date range. Now there have been 31 (as of 1:00pm), which is 2/3 as many as in the last sixty years. This is statistically significant, as well as prophetically interesting. (Mark 13:8)

New update 11/15/10: There have been 42 earthquakes now. There has been an average of one EQ every half an hour of a magnitude of +/- 5.0. Something is happening there and/or about to happen. That, combined with the eruption of the al-Tair volcano just north in the Red sea in 2007, and the African fissure opening up to form a new ocean (see my above comment for links to both news/science items) and seeing that this spot is one of the most important shipping lanes in the world, and knowing that Yemen is a hotbed of terrorism and the seas around this area are a hotbed of piracy ... one can only say "COME SOON LORD!"


  1. A lot more since this posted.

  2. You will see more and more earth quake and volcano activity. Volcanic activity will increase and become more predominate but the earthquakes will not abate. Then there will seem to be a continuous/ earth circling seismic/ volcanic event. Shortly after or even as this earth circling event is happening there will be something like a supervolcano go up with actual lava traveling to the same altitude as passenger jets fly. Whatever is left undone at that moment will remain undone. This is a dream I had a year ago. In my dream I was standing in Idaho and when I saw the big explosion I was looking toward Yellowstone. I don't claim to be a prophet just sharing a dream that I had. It's the only really clear dream I have ever had.

  3. So there's a series of earthquakes in a seismic activity zone. Wow, who cares? I didn't hear you Jesus freaks talk about this "End of the World" crap when President Fetus-in-a-Jar was in office, so just cut the BS, alright?

  4. V: your comments are unnecessarily mean and angry. Please remain civil to converse here.

    As you look at the data, yes, Yemen's seismic, but only mildly so. I believe the incidence of 31 quakes in 24 hours after only having 56 in 60 YEARS is significant. Most statisticians would agree.

    People have been talking of the end of the world since Jesus ascended. Most of the New Testament points toward THIS time, and gives admonitions, encouragement, and warnings about it. Please heed them.

  5. Seismic and volcanic, actually, as the new eruptions of a volcano on an island in the Red Sea indicate. These events are interesting as support for the fortuitous "parting of the Red Sea" in Old Testament times. Many events of Biblical significance are supported by geological (or seismic or volcanic) evidence, which I think shows that science and faith need not be mutually exclusive. When the earth around you shakes at magnitude 5-plus, no matter what you believe, it's a good idea to head for more solid ground!

  6. Very interesting autumnilia! In searching, it seems that the Jebal al-Tair island just north of the gulf of Aden in the Red Sea exploded suddenly in 2007. It had been last erupted in the late 1800s. Was that the volcanic island to which eruption you are referring? I also notice in searching that the west Africa fissure ("will create a new ocean") according to news reports is also seismically active.

    al-Tair volcano

    West Africa fissure:

  7. Since the beginning of time It has been said that the world will end from the coast of Yemen. A great volcano will erupt from some where near the city of Aden and It will send lava to far away distances in the planet. This volcano will stay active for many years and life as we know it will be vastly effected and will eventually stop. No planes will be able to cruise the sky, no ships will be able to concur the oceans, satellites will stop working, so, the follow of information will stop. Slowly the world will be in absolute confusion. And then the beginning of the End will start. When will this happen? We don't really know. No one knows! But It will happen. This coming phenomena has been passed from generation to generation for about 3000 years In the Middle Eastern Region, in which we know that it has some of the oldest continuously living cities on earth.

  8. Anonymous, I'd be interested to know where "it has been said that the world will end from the coast of Yemen." It is true that the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the earth are located in that region. Thanks for any information

  9. If you check here: you'll find a 2009 article about a rift forming in Ethiopia just inland from the location of the current swarm. With this swarm forming in the junction of 3 seismic plates, it is possible that we are seeing the formation of a new sea or a splitting of the continent of Africa. Exciting times!

  10. this is why they have tried to distract us with the release of ang sun su (whats her name) and the MI6 somali pirate hostages........

  11. In Aden, there is what they call a dormant volcano. But, in the last days, according to Islamic hadith, it is supposed to blow. These earthquakes just fortify the Almighty and His plan. May He grant us paradise and save us from hellfire.

  12. Hi Malaika,
    Thank you for the comment and the information. God's promises are real and true. Jesus said that if you accept that you are a sinner, and accept that Jesus died to pay the sin-price for redemption, and rose from the dead, and repent of your sins, then you are saved. Repenting from your sins (turning away from them and starting anew,) He will send the Holy Spirit to dwell inside you and help you stay away from sin. When Jesus saves you, He said that NOTHING can again snatch you out of His hand, and that you WILL attain paradise (heaven). You do not have to worry is He will grant it. For sure. If you want to know more abut that certainty of paradise, knowing instead of hoping, comment again and we can talk about it via email. :)

  13. its part of the saying of Mohammed;

    And the last sign of the end of days is a fire that will start at Yemen & will drag people to their final destiny.


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