Sunlight changes everything

Fear not, The Lord's work is always good!

Birds and fish are dying by the hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands at Chile, Bolivia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, Maryland, Louisiana, the UK, Sweden, Canada, China and other places, and suddenly the 'end of days' folks don't seem so crazy. I mentioned in my previous post that my blog page hit numbers burst into the stratosphere since originally posting the first known fish and bird death events early in the week. The same is true for many other prophecy sites, and the end of days discussions on news article comment sections has also exploded. Wondering of these really are the end of days is a question on many peoples' minds, and this is good.

Recent news of this ilk (meaning, today or yesterday!) includes '40,000 crabs washing up on England's beaches, 'doctors stumped as to sudden uptick in NY flu cases', 'National emergency declared in Latvia','2M dead fish in MD', 'Hundreds of dead birds found in KY' (this is the second KY bird-kill story this week), and 'Canadian river turns neon green-experts puzzled', and one truly must wonder what is going on. How can one not? Experts, of course, discount the end time link, but people know that the times in which we are living are not normal. Other people go the opposite direction, saying that there have always been fish kills, birds dropping dead to the ground, influenza, and crippling blizzards. Still others simply rely in the intellectually barren but emotionally satisfying mocking and scoffing.

So what IS going on? God is good, that's what. Far from being scared of these times, far from being nervous or even perturbed, I exult. Not in the hardship of people (including me) but in the work of the LORD! He is working in the world: to warn of of our sin, to alert us to His presence, to give us opportunities to reconcile with Him. He is a great God, willing to delay the time when He will judge all flesh. However, He is holy, meaning that He WILL do it. Are you ready?

The "Me Generation" is completely unwilling to look inward and understand that there are consequences to their actions. Nothing makes this generation squirm more than someone telling them that they will be judged (and found wanting). God is Holy- a notion that completely escapes their understanding or even their ability to contemplate. He gave us 2000 years to come to understanding of our sin relative to His Holiness through the love and sacrifice of His Son, and will again give an additional 7 years worth of judgments that are also designed to demonstrate His power and His anger with sinners. Believers are welcomed into the Kingdom in both these ages (and of course during the Old Testament times... and prior). Each event that occurs makes me fear and love the Lord more. His word is true! It is alive, real, and evident in His works each day in this unique time of the universe. He is creative, patient, holy, perfect in justice. I take comfort in that. I am looking forward to seeing Him. But until then, I see His work in the world. It is good.