America's sad decline, prophecy's joyous rise

America's trajectory is downward. It took a long time, but our decline is speeding up like a snowball down the Alps. Recent examples of the United States' declining influence are many.

Remember the contretemps between North Korea and South Korea? The US attempted to mediate with them and with China but we got nowhere. North Korea is in our face with declarations of having nukes and we wring our hands. They never would have said that if they knew we would do something about it. China launches a missile barely thirty miles from our mainland and we do nothing. In a response that wasn't supposed to be a response, we hold military exercises but our missile launch utterly fails. The Army misplaces a highly deadly nerve gas, and there are rumors the biological agent rinderpest has gone missing from Ft. Detrick. And all that was just the last 4 months. We're done, militarily.

Our economic influence is not faring any better. The G8 and the G20 showed us that. China, the BRIC nations, they pay no attention to us. They murmur about the falling dollar. China does more than murmur. They are a restless landlord grumbling about raising the rent, or worse, calling in their security deposit. Iran starts its own oil bourse. Latin America laughs. Hell, we're falling apart economically so fast that Cuba may actually outlast us.

America's diplomatic influence is declining rapidly too. Wikileaks showed the world not only our diplomatic failures, but the way we acted prior to the Wikileaks' release was far worse. We looked like buffoons. We failed so utterly in the Israeli peace talks everyone acknowledges they are effectively dead. Our response to Egypt tonight with the Obama speech was also a non-event.

This month two pro-American governments were toppled (Tunisia & Lebanon), four pro-American regimes are under siege (Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Algeria). The end of Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt portends fundamental change throughout the Middle East and the end of the American era in the region.

I'm not down on America. I think our nation is magnificent. It IS a city on a hill. But our atheism, child murder, immorality and worship of pagan gods has chipped away at our core until now, there is barely anything left to stand us up on that hill. We are rolling down it. I believe it must be so. God raised us up and for a long time our influence was so strong in the world. We had the moral clout to speak because we believed in God. He gave us the strength to put moral actions to those words. No? Don't think so? I have one word for you: D-Day. A generation of brave men got off a boat and waded to shore amid artillery fire to save Europe and the Jews from annihilation. Nowadays men would just twitter about it, then go have a latte.

We stopped believing in God and we no longer have the moral clout to speak. Our influence must be removed. We do not find our nation mentioned in the bible in the end times at all. And why should we be? We were great, but only for a short time, and then we squandered it. Here are some people who are far more eloquent than I who say the same:

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Rapture Ready founder and editor Todd Strandberg wrote this week in his weekly opinion essay: "One thing I’ve noticed about Bible prophecy is that end-time progression tends move like earthquake fault lines. Following years of inactivity, everything suddenly moves all at once. Since we have never had such a high level of civil unrest in the Arab world, it’s important for us to remain watchful."

I've noticed that about prophecy too. Although I certainly have not been writing about biblical and prophetic events as long as Mr Strandberg has (20 years) not as long as Hal Linsdey and John Hagee, (50 years), I believe that anyone who reads the bible on a constant basis notices the pattern. Prophecy is given long in advance. Events always move inexorably toward their inevitable conclusion, but as the time nears, the events speed up, and then suddenly they are fulfilled. All I can say is, keep looking up!


  1. I've heard a few people say that America is the modern day Babylon. What are your thoughts on that? Although our country doesn't bear the same name, the similarities are pretty outstanding. I personally don't think too hard on it (I'll know when I need to), but it does make me wonder.

  2. I have seen people say that, too (America as Babylon). I think a good case can be made, but I'm with Lenzey, I don't think TOO much about it.

  3. There's Babylon the actual city, and there's allegorical Babylon the false religion & economy. In Rev 11:8 for example, Jerusalem is allegorically called mystical Sodom and Egypt. It means the place being referred to had taken on the worst qualities of the city or place being used as the example.

    Rev 17 gives a picture of the religious system of the tribulation. It's called called Mystery Babylon. In chapter 18 there's a picture of the political and economic system of the end time called Babylon the Great.

    As far as America goes, we will be judged for our blasphemous crimes and our economic excesses as participants in the Antichrist's world political, economic and religious system, along with all the other nations and peoples who participated in it. But as far as America being exclusively Babylon, I don't see it. Our story is a bright but tragic one, but Damascus has been a city for 6000 years, Jerusalem & Israel, Tyre & Lebanon, Petra & Jordan all have been around much longer than the US has and the LORD has quite a bone to pick with all of them and all the rest as well. Including us.


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