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Customs official: Weapon of mass destruction found in US

From UK Daily Mail today:

"A port official has admitted that a 'weapon of mass effect' has been found by 'partner agencies' in the U.S., raising major questions over a possible government cover-up. The disturbing revelation came in an interview with San Diego's assistant port director screened by a television channel in the city. The Customs and Border Protection Department tried to dampen speculation over his remarks, but doubts remained over whether he had inadvertently revealed a dirty bomb plot to attack the U.S. mainland. Concern over a secret WMD bust came after U.S. cables made public by the Wikileaks whistleblower website revealed terror groups were plotting a 'nuclear 911.' "

Partial transcription of the interview:
‘So, specifically, you're looking for the dirty bomb? You're looking for the nuclear device?’ asked Mr Blacher.
‘Correct. Weapons of mass effect,’ said Mr Hallor.
‘You ever found one?’ asked Mr Blacher.
‘Not at this location,’ Mr Hallor said.
‘But they have found them?’ asked Mr Blacher.
‘Yes,’ said Mr Hallor.

"Earlier, Mr Hallor told Mr Blacher: ‘Potentially every city in America is a target. Given the waterways and the access to the Navy fleet here, I’d say, absolutely, San Diego is a target." Read more at the link...

It doesn't take a genius to know that the world is a very, very dangerous place. Wars are asymmetrical now, and could be launched by anyone, anywhere, at any time, and in some cases, we'd never know what hit us. The book by William Forstchen in "One Second After" an apocalyptic book illustrating the effects of an electro-magnetic pulse over the US, is true-to life scenario where things go to pieces very quickly, but the enemy was never known.

Speaking of waterways and an unknown enemy perpetrator, in Joel C. Rosenberg's book "Dead Heat", waterways were used to launch a shoulder-held scud missiles simultaneously from 4 strategic cities, Seattle (technological center), LA (entertainment center), Potomac (political Center) and NYC (financial center). Container ships anchored on rivers giving access to these cities, or anchored immediately offshore, allowed through the proximity for a terrorist crew to simply unclasp a tarp that had covered a disassembled missile on deck, assemble it within seconds, launch it, up anchor, and steam out while the crew repaints the ship's name en route.

It is an entirely plausible and scary scenario. It is so plausible, that it has leapt from the pages of political fiction to near possibility, according to the Customs officer. It makes TSA patting down 5-year-olds look like the ridiculous government intrusion that it is, while waterways and borders go unprotected.

As far as the end time goes, if you are thinking that "it couldn't happen in America", think again. Revelation 6:3-4 depicts the first devastating judgments, and second in line is war. "When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make people kill each other. To him was given a large sword." Peace will be taken from the earth. That means ALL the earth, including America. No section, place, plot, or nook will escape the effects of the second seal. War will be the order of the day.

We see it setting up, now, even before the Tribulation. Look at a map of the eastern Mid-East and northern Africa. The unrest has spread from Lebanon, to Egypt, to Saudi Arabia, to Bahrain, Algeria, Yemen, and now Italy. The "A" marks a tiny island owned by Italy, called Lampedusa, where the Tunisians are fleeing. More on that news, below. Click on the map to enlarge it.

Yemen: Hundreds of anti-government protesters marched toward a presidential palace in Yemen on Sunday, calling for regime change in the Middle Eastern country. Some of them chanted, "First Mubarak, now Ali," referring to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and Hosni Mubarak, who recently resigned as president of Egypt after nearly 30 years in power. Security forces put up a barbed wire barricade and blocked the protesters' path about two miles from the palace. At that point, the situation intensified as protesters turned away and attempted to reach the palace through side streets."

Algeria: Unrest, protests and clashes. "Police reportedly used tear gas and batons to drive back crowds protesting over unemployment. About 30 people, most of them protesters, were hurt. In January Algeria was the first in a string of countries to see street protests, as people rallied against high food prices and unemployment. Several people were killed as unrest spread across the country. The sporadic protests have been continuing since early January."

Bahrain: "Following Algeria over the weekend, the latest country to see an escalation in rioting following the revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt, is the tiny island of Bahrain, situated just off the coast of Saudi Arabia, which just happens to be home to the US Navy's 5th fleet. From the Washington Post: "Bahrain's security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets Monday at thousands of anti-government protesters heeding calls to unite in a major rally and bring the Arab reform wave to the Gulf for the first time." We are currently searching to bring readers a live feed, but don't hold your breath. As noted above, this country is situated just off Saudi, and the last thing the oil exporting country needs to show is how volatile the region has suddenly become despite attempts by various emirates in the region to purchase the loyalty of their citizens.

Italy: "Due to political and economical instability in Tunisia, thousands of Tunisian migrants are fleeing to Lampedusa, a tiny Italian island located 70 miles from Tunisian ports. In less than a week's time, between 4,000 and 5,000 migrants have arrived on Italian shores, almost doubling the population of Lampedusa. The situation is so urgent that Italy had to declare the state of emergency and called the EU for assistance."

Italy: Thousands of Italians took to the streets in some 200 cities across the country Sunday in protest of Prime Minister's Silvio Berlusconi's alleged behavior toward women. The largest gathering was in Rome, where organizers said 100,000 people gathered, under the slogan, "If not now, when?" In Milan, organizers estimated that 60,000 people gathered. Protests also took place outside Italy, including marches in Tokyo and Geneva. Sunday's demonstrations were the biggest anti-Berlusconi rallies since the most recent sex scandal broke in January, when Milan prosecutors said they were investigating whether the prime minister abused his power by helping an underaged woman, who he had allegedly paid for sex, get out of jail on a theft charge.."

Where will the unrest end? After Jesus comes and sets up His Millennium Kingdom on earth. From here on out, there is only more violence, revolution, and war. Lord, come soon!