Ghost horse of Cairo Egypt's Tahrir Square on MSNBC

The MSNBC crew, filming from above Tahrir Square, seemed to catch a neon horse hovering above the people and flying to the sky.

The Tribulation opens with its first set of judgments described in Revelation 6. They are the seals. The first four seals are the famous four horsemen of the apocalypse. The first Horse is white, that's the antichrist. The second horse is red, that is war, or peace taken from the earth. The third seal is the black horse, of scarcity and famine. The fourth horse is a pale green, Greek word Chloris like the sickly green of bleach. That one is pestilence and disease.

I DO NOT believe the horsemen have been unleashed. The church is not gone yet, and we are not under judgment but are free from accusation. I do not believe or disbelieve that the horse is could or could not be moseying around on the earth. It could be a delusion perpetrated by demonic angels. It could just as easily have been a reflection of the glass of some kind. The Bible records an incident where Elisha's servant was wobbly in his courage before a huge battle, and Elisha, God's Prophet, asked the LORD to open his servant's eyes so he could see that they were not outnumbered in the battle, but indeed has a legion of angels in chariots were all around them.

And Elisha prayed, "O LORD, open his eyes so he may see." Then the LORD opened the servant's eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. (2 Kings 6:17)

What I am saying is that the unbelieving world is so on edge, that when they see a reflection or an apparition like this one in Egypt, they think of the Horsemen of Revelation. Suddenly the Bible comes to their mind... not Hopi prophecy, not Edgar Cayce...the Bible.

The video is making the rounds like wildfire late last night and early this morning. It is freaking people out. It does not matter if the neon horseman was real or not real, it is causing a reaction among people. Christians, capitalize on that. Show them that the unseen world is very, very real.

The global unrest, and the crazy weather, the food prices (wheat rose 114% in price THIS YEAR, and corn rose 88%) that perhaps their spirit is convicting them that there is more to the events in the world than their unsaved minds would let them believe, and that these events are connected. We can see that people need to have the truth: angels ARE all around us, demons ARE all around us, that in fact the unseen world is more real than this one which is temporary. I pray that people who are attracted to the videos of the recent apparitions will allow the Holy Spirit to convict them and they repent. If they do, one day they will have the scales fall from their eyes and they will see into the eternal future of glory with Jesus.


  1. Yeah, that is insane. It could be a hoax but either way, I think whoever or whatever put it there is doing it as a mockery of the horsemen of the apocalypse.

    I stayed away from the news, prophecy...etc for about a week during a fast and I almost fell over when I was able to catch up earlier this week. Talk about raging birth pangs.

  2. There's another video from a European news broadcast that shows the same thing. The cameraman must have been a couple guys to the left from the one from msnbc (I'm sure they are grouped together for protection) because there's a slight difference of perspective, but SAME THING! There has to be thousands of these spirits influencing war and chaos on the earth... ever since the fall of man.

    1. OK Anonymous can you please! send that share that link of which you are talking about. the second video...

  3. thank you anonymous. I found it on youtube, I think this may be the one you're talking about? It is near the end.

    I agree, the bible does record many instances of demons influencing war. One example is Ezekiel 28:12 – 19, the King of Tyre. And the bible also records good angels winning wars as the verse from 2 Kings I quoted above shows. The unseen world is more real than the seen, which is only temporary

  4. It is time to build a Hebrew-speaking Christian buffer state
    between Israel and Syria, including parts of Lebanon, Golan, Jordan, Cyprus,
    and Sinai. Christians in Arab countries are hostages. The first
    Christians were Hebrew Good Samaritans. And these hostages are Hebrew
    Christians. Now that we know the Gospel was written in Hebrew and not
    colonial Grecian or colonial Arambaic, we know that Paul wrote his
    Epostiles to the Hebrew Diaspora, who became the first Christians.
    The Christians of Lebanon have been under Syrian occupation since 1974
    and have departed only nominally. The only way we would push back
    abominal millenia of Islamic and quasi-Christian heresy is if we
    establish a Christian bastion in the Holy Land. This bastion would be
    the friend and ally of Israel, a rebirth of the Good Samaritan
    homeland which is the essential halo force field around Israel for the
    Rapture and Revelation. You may ask why should we break up
    established countries? They are no such thing. The French still want
    to establish a Greater Seleucitanian Syria out of Iraq, Jordan, Turkey
    and Lebanon, which has always been the object of their chemical
    industrial feedstock policies. The French (children of the evil
    Robbespierre) and the Russians (children of the evil Magog Obshchina)
    took the Middle Eastern Christians into their heresies before the
    Evangelical Missionaries could make contact. And with such huge
    colonial armies against them, the poor Gospel Missions never had a
    chance. But the Evangelicals are the true brothers of these Ancient
    Believers and we must project America's Glorious Military might to
    correct these injustices. Brethren, we must act quickly for the End
    Times are near. We must begin by demanding Turkey allow full
    evangelical freedom in the remaining parts of its empire. Turkey is
    beholden to America and we cannot tolerate their failure to support
    Israel and Iraq any longer. America and Israel are Turkey's only
    friends and Turkey must not be allowed any other choice but to convert
    to the mission of the Gospel. Move forth Glorious brethren for blessed
    are those who would defend the Lord's people: Both the Ancient Hebrew
    Christians and their still-Jewish brethren.

  5. George, we do not need more buffer states. God set the boundaries once, and if that wasn't good enough for satan then it won't be good enough for him now. Enough land has already been taken from Israel. It is time to give it back. OOPS, that is what the Millennium Kingdom is all about.

  6. Whoever cannot see that this is a fake, must be blind. The horse is clearly a reflection on the lense or super imposed afterwards. Take a look at the specks on the lense in the left third of the video when the horse appears. When the camera pans right as the horse moves, the specks on the lense move right at the same rate of speed of the horse... the specks on the lense and the horse move in sync. Clearly a (poorly done) hoax.

  7. to add to my opinion that the image is a reflection on the lense... it could also be a reflect on a window pane through which the video was filmed. I'm amazed that people could actually take this poorly done effect as real.

  8. Clearly a hoax! Why is it that the Greek Myths are recognized as myths, stories to explain things that people of the day could not understand and tried to explain to themselves in stories, and yet the bible, also written to explain things to the people that they couldn't understand at the time is still in this day taken as fact and prophesy.

  9. LOL.The "people who couldn't understand at the time" built the Great Pyramid at Giza, accomplishing an engineering feat we supposedly advanced intellectual giants can't reproduce today.

  10. Druze religion that have the 5 star sympol which everyone refer to a knight with a horse.They say in their religion that When one of nights appear,he would be preparing for End of times where the 4 other nights follow him each with a different color same as Druze star and with a very large army to make justice on earth.
    Note : Druze religion started at Egypt as a post Islamic sector and now majorly found at Lebanon,Syria,Israel and Jordan.

  11. its the reflection of the camera typical of religions to jump the gun and think something crazy is goning on. We still got a year + before the world ends chill out and start packing ur guns and supplys cause if something dose happen in 2012 and u survive ull need em

  12. To all the unbelievers in Christ Jesus and unbelievers of the Holy Bible, I guess you will get your Answer when the Day of the Lord's Return is here. Who knows if this was a Hoax or not, that clearly depends on your Faith as far as what you Believe. I'd perfer to do what is Right and continue my Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ who is the Son of God and who loved me so much that he Died for my Sins. I'd rather Believe in him than not...Regardless what is happening around me, I hold on to what is real and True in my own personal faith according to the Holy Scriptures. I will continue to spread the Good News which Jesus told us to do and that is to tell them that only through Jesus Christ can you enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For God so Loved the World that Whosoever Believes in him shall not perish but have Eternal life! John 3:16 That's my incentive right there! Have a Blessed day!!! I will be praying for Everyone!

  13. Jesus is coming, Watch out! This is the last horse to be released prior to the rapture of the church.Never say u wee never told!

  14. Anonymous, Jesus IS coming, but the horses have not been released yet. Paul wrote that we are free from accusation and that we are not under His wrath. Revelation begins His wrath (Rev 6:16) The rapture will take place prior to the judgments of Revelation. Therefore you can see that since these events are so bad, how much worse the events in Revelation will be..

  15. However, I believe the horses ARE saddling up..

  16. If you were a videographer you woul know that there are different lenses in a camera. If you look closely the image is a reverse image of the fire that is on the left. It moves along with the video and the waves of fire are closely matched as well.

  17. That certainly startled me at the fist watch! LOL!

    I figured it out pretty quickly though. As someone who is trained in visual effects, and also as a former "paranormal researcher," after a few watches, I could see that other lens reflections on the screen were tracking at the same rate as the "horse," then examined the fire, and the camera's own motion. It IS, as was previously stated, just a lens reflection of the fire.

    Certainly freaky, though, and I am very glad it sparked such a conversation in the world. People need to know that the horsemen from Revelation ARE real. They ARE being prepped right now-- in fact, I am of the opinion that they are prepped and READY, just waiting for the God to say "go." People need to know there is another side to this world, and that there is a WAR going on in the heavenlies.

    And whose side you are on MATTERS! There is the right side-- Jesus Christ-- or there is the wrong side-- Satan and his horde. Making no choice puts you on the default side of Satan.

    The time to choose is now, people! Choose Jesus Christ! Choose Christ! Otherwise you WILL BE HERE WHEN THE HORSEMEN ARE ALLOWED TO RELEASE THEIR FURY! And you will spend eternity in hell!

    Choose Jesus!!

  18. * correction-- I wrote "the God" by accident. I started to write "the Lord" then got distracted by my son, and finished by writing "God." Whoops!

  19. people believe whats going on in this world, Jesus has show this horse in Egypt to warn the people of god that his return is soon not in next generation but our generation will see the Jesus the king coming in the repent your sin Jesus is the only way to heaven......see you all with Jesus in heaven....

  20. Watch the heavens, watch the sky, watch as the days go passing by. "It" will come this I know because a watcher told me so. Now I know what I must do for I have become a watcher too. When you know the end is near, watch and wait for "it" to appear. The watchers know things not of this world. They have been watching man since they were put on this earth. Watch "it's" coming, will be here soon. Now you've been told the watchers are here, watch and wait because this all you can do unless you become a watcher to. 

    Remember the watchers are watching you!!!

  21. All Christians know things not of this world, because all believers have the mind of Christ. (1 Cor 2:16). In addition, we know things not of this world because we read His Word, which is not of this world but is of His.

    If by Watchers you are referring to the angels mentioned in Daniel 4:17 then that is another matter. They, and all angels as a matter of fact, watch us, as does the Spirit, God, and Jesus. But the believers who watch for His soon coming and the angelic watchers are not the same. Nor do earthly believers have any special office, knowledge or wisdom apart from what the Holy Spirit gives us as we study His word. I hope that is not what you are inferring...

  22. His name wasn't even Jesus! Have you been to Israel? It's not even a name! There never was such a name, in the whole of history, not until it was 'made up' by some English speaking person who couldn't pronounce the right name! If that's not right then what about the rest of it! It's what's in the heart that matter's, not what's printed in a book.

  23. Cindy:


    His names was Yeshua, we know Him as Jesus. What is in the heart?? Your heart? Or my heart? Whose heart? No, the heart is deceitful above all. Listening to the heart brings you down a fickle and destructive road.

    The "book" that is printed is the word of God, inspired to men by the Holy Spirit. Heed that book, they are the words of life. Jesus is the way.

  24. Please don't post that, it just upsets me to read comments like these, where people take each word as 'gospel' when there's so much more to it all. I guess if it makes people happy to believe a load of tosh, then so be it, who am I to judge.

  25. Cindy, what is a load of tosh? The bible? I'm not clear on your meaning

  26. PS, sorry I had already posted the comment

  27. Judith s on you tube wrote.
    Even if it was a reflection, I think it's not 'accidental' that the reflection had the shape of a Horseman. And what's all the fuss about? If it was a simple flash of light, scientists might have an explanation which wouldn't bother Christians that much. So why are others bothering the Christian signs?


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