Millions of Man O'War wash up on FL Beaches

Another die-off:

Portuguese man-of-war invade Florida beaches
More than 450 beach-goers were treated for injuries after scores of Portuguese man-of-war washed ashore on South Florida beaches over the weekend. "It's extreme. It is wall-to-wall man-of-war," Delray Beach ocean rescue supervisor Heather Irurzun, a 14-year veteran, told the Palm Beach Post. "I've never seen it this bad."

In an interview on Fox News, Irurzun said that though wash-ups in winter sometimes happen, "this one seems out of control. It's just wall-to-wall blue."

The following video was posted on Youtube by a local:

Meanwhile, 50 miles up the coast at Sebastian Inlet, FL, locals are stunned by a fish die-off of massive proportions. The lead sentence in the video-story is "We're talking a lot of fish...biologists say up to a million." There were so many dead fish that locals who have lived there for years were "stunned." The biologists' theory is that the fish are deliberately bunching up together in the shallow waters, but because there are so many of them, they use of all the available oxygen...and asphyxiate. They said that the species was menhaden, which makes it unusual behavior for that kind of creature.