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Solar X-class flare, report

I reported last last night (here) that an X-class solar flare has occurred. At that post, I noted what an X-class flares is and what its possible effects on earth may be. Now we have a little more detail from Astronomy report about where the flare will be hitting--

From Astronomy Report:

"Sunspot 1158 has exploded again, this time producing a X2.2 Class Solar Flare. It also caused an R3 Radio Black Out on the on sunlit side of Earth. The storm should hit the Earth about the time the sun is coming up on the East coast of the united states, so a majority of the energy should be directed at the Atlantic Ocean. Solar storms like this usually only last for a few hours, so most of the energy should be absorbed before the sun reaches it zenith on the East Coast. If for some reason the storm slows down, as they sometimes do, more of the energy will be directed towards the East Coast."

"This storm was pretty well tracked and was actually predicted by several solar weather agencies around the world, so most satellite operators should have ample warning to get their systems in safe mode. It may cause temporary disruption of services, but it shouldn't permanently damage any satellites. Radio communications may be temporarily disrupted as well, though it may only reduce the range of radio transmissions rather than black them out."

"During the initial blast wave that hits the Earth, it may cause some beautiful aurora in both the southern and northern hemispheres. North America, should have a beautiful view in the early morning hours as far south as Utah. During this early blast wave, our magnetosphere will quake and will also allow more radiation through than normal. It is possible that air traffic will be rerouted or even possibly canceled during the early part of the storm."

I have some thoughts on this regarding the end time tribulation period, the magnetosphere, and some news out of Louisiana that may relate. I'll post it later this afternoon, after work.