Some blog recommendations

Here are some good blogs that I recommend. These folks are good writers, thoughtful in their approach to Godly living, and sensitive to the Spirit:

Michael at Last Trumpet Living
A fool says in his heart there is no God. A bigger fool declines faith in Jesus.

Ma at Ma's Blog 
A wife, homemaker, homeschooler, mother of six and a sinner saved by God's sovereign grace.

Kim at Mystery of the Ages
Come along with me and discover what the mystery of the ages is, the mystery put in place prior to the foundation of time, that, had the rulers of this world known about it, they would not have crucified Christ....the mystery of Christ in You.

Michael T. Snyder's blog at The Economic Collapse
An attorney, a blogger, a Christian, a writer, a speaker and an activist.


  1. Thanks Elizabeth:) I already had Kim's site in my bookmarks and now have the others as well.


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