Sunlight changes everything

Thoughts on a morning drive

I was driving to work this morning, amid an inch of powdery pure snow that had fallen overnight. The birds were chirping, and the mist was rising above the snow as the sun rose. The pastures were pure-looking, and the cows and calves and horses were kicking up snow puffs and cavorting around. I thought of how blessed I am to have a job to drive to, and how it is also a blessing that it is such a short distance away.

The rapture is coming soon, I thought, and it is a signless event. "It could happen right now" I thought. We can see from the nearness of the fulfillments of the first judgment in Revelation that the rapture is close. The rapture will precede the Tribulation, and since the Tribulation's initial judgments are moving at such a rapid pace toward fulfillment, the rapture could literally be any day.

That God will even cause a rapture to happen is a miracle in itself. Seeing the gorgeous morning reminded me of God and His creation. That He allows us to be a part of it is another blessing I counted on the way in to work. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11). He includes us in His plans, and allows us to be used for His glory. How beautiful. He put us here on this earth, to work and play and experience pain and happiness and His presence. He draws us to salvation, and blesses us when we accept it. He gave us His all.

The beauty of the fields and farms this morning made me long for my true home, New Jerusalem. But while I am here on earth I am also blessed to be used of God for His kingdom, in whatever way He deems. When He calls, I say "Here I am Lord." If He doesn't call to me today, I say, "I will wait for you, Lord." Either way, I am blessed. Those of us who know Christ know the feeling. It is called "Peace."


  1. Amen to this. I absolutely think of how close we are. I too will stop what I'm doing and think, He could come RIGHT NOW! :) I'm so excited.

  2. We sure are in the end times. Everything is pointing to the return of Jesus.....makes me very excited. That was a really cool post on those fish dying, that is prophesy coming true.



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