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Unrest in the Middle East: map

On Joel C. Rosenberg's site this morning. Light and dark pink are nations with unrest since January. Don't forget to include Lebanon, too small to really see. Please be sure to visit his link to read a summary of the current unrest ... It is excellent.


  1. could this be the end of time...

  2. Anonymous,
    Yes, it is the end of time. There are very few years left.

    The Lord told us what to look for and the first major sign was Israel back in the land. After that, He said that the generation that sees Israel back in the land will also see an increase in earthquakes, celestial anomalies, violence, rampant religious deception, plagues an diseases, and more.

    Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 are a few of the books in the bible that describe what will happen.

    I hope you take these signs to heart and review your standing with the Lord. If you want to take Him up on His offer of free pardon for your sins, you can pray to Him and ask Him to forgive them. You need not have fancy theological language, just have a sincere heartbreak for the bad things you have thought, said, or done, which are crimes against Him. If you believe He is the only Spotless and Sinless one who *can* forgive you, then accept Him as your Savior (saving you from your sins and eternity in hell.)

    Even if the end of time does not come today or tomorrow, YOUR end could. Your eternal destiny is fixed when you breathe your last. Do not delay! And why would anyone want to delay, the pure and holy Jesus who loves you perfectly, is waiting for you with open arms.

  3. How can I ask him for forgiveness when I do not deserve it

    1. How could He die for you when He did not deserve it? None of us deserve Him, that's the point. He is bigger than your sin. Ask Him.


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