Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quadrocopters juggling a ball...together

Two robots juggle a ball in the air, cooperatively. We live in A Brave New World, for sure. Remember pong? This is how for we've come in one generation... more here.


  1. Elizabeth,
    I am tired. Really tired of this world. I am ready for my real life to start. I am trying to be patient for I know I still have a lot of work to do to prepare to be with God but gosh, I am tired of all the lies, deception and meaningless bull down here.

  2. Kim I think we all are ready for Home. Persevere till the end, it won't be long now. It may feel meaningless, but in cases where I feel it all means nothing I think of Paul. When he was in jail, he was chained to the jailer. LOL, think of that jailer, waiting till the end of his shift, telling the next jailer, 'get me away from this guy, he never shuts up!'

    But even though Paul only had one guy to talk to, and his ministry wasn't wide, it was deep. The jailer became a believer, and after that he shared the Gospel with the highest officials in Caesar's home, people who had the entire empire to influence! All from conversations in a deep, dark jail.

    Paul was wallowing in actual bull, suffering from lies and deception all around him...and he longed for Home, too. You are in good company!

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth. The meaningless bull I was referring to was the robotcopters juggling the ball. I know that there is plenty of meaningful work yet to be done here! I can name a bit of it quite close to my heart!

    My best to you and thanks for your great blog!


  4. Oh! The *quadrocopters* are meaningless bull. I missed that. Thank you!

    What they made me think of are spy cameras and unmanned drones along borders.


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