This just in: giant fissure/crack opens in ground in Pakistan- UPDATED

The introduction to this 7 minute video says that it occurred at 4 in the morning local time. It shows a guy walking along a deep but narrow crack in the ground in Seagi Gulistan, Pakistan, this morning. He is speaking breathlessly and excitedly, but since the language is in the local dialect with no translation, I do not have confirmation of what he is saying. I am making an assumption that since he is taking the time to walk the length of it and to speak excitedly that the crack was not there at sunset. At the end of the video he pans from the crack to one end, then sweeps back to show a panorama of the other end. Here is a photo of one pan and the other, in case you do not have ability to watch video. No homes appeared to have been impacted by this sudden crack, as it appears to be an unpopulated area. The video is below.

I will keep tabs on this story and if it turns out to be a hoax (how could it??) I will let you know, and if it is reported on in English sometime I will also bring you those details.

Long-time followers of this blog know that I have shown from the bible that the earth will crack up. The verse is a promise from the Lord that the earth will split asunder, in That Day. ( verse source). Other strange and abrupt earth cracks are happening in Africa, Malaysia, Michigan, and Peru. Not to mention the sinkhole scourge. That we are seeing precursors to the eventual crack up is no surprise. You can almost hear the trumpet...

UPDATE: I looked at a map and noticed that this crack appeared 50 miles from Quetta Pakistan. A year ago a volcano erupted in Quetta, which is not notable, except a volcano had never, ever erupted there before. The locals were immediately fearful. More here.