Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's stormy in the south tonight

We are in the middle of a terrible tornado outbreak. Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, and other places have had their turn at enduring violent spring storms today. North Georgia is in the path for tonight, at the worst time: midnight to 3 AM. I'm ready as I can be, with my shelter prepped and flashlights having fresh batteries and such, but the storms are coming and it is what it is. It is a significant outbreak, one for the record books, the Atlanta Journal Constitution said.

We heard tonight that our pastor's brother in law in TN and his family are safe, thank God, but when they emerged from the shelter their house was gone. At times like this, I can really rely on Jesus. Either He will see me and my home safely through the storm completely unharmed. Or he can see me safely through but my home might be damaged and destroyed. Or I will be injured or die.

Before I was saved, one thing I could never understand is when the newscasters would interview the survivors of a tornado and they would say "Praise the Lord, we're so relieved" while they were standing in front of an empty foundation. I'd think that they were crazy.

But now I understand. Our lives are temporary and our possessions are His to begin with, blessed to receive at His bestowal. No matter my carnal circumstances, I am content. Paul and Silas sang in the lowest prison, waist deep in muck and sewage. No matter what happens tonight, I will sing. For God is still Great!


  1. I hope you stay safe from the storms,I am from tenn, and we are all weary from all these violent storms!!!! I have been praying for better weather. Stay safe!!! Blessings jane

  2. matters of Unpuddled vs. Puddled Curtains are lowest-prison issues indeed! elizabeth prata

    good to hear youre not clinging to them

    plus side of tornadoes (or earthquakes) is they often produce real religion real quick

    should be lots of real religion coming up! :O)

    wishing you a restful night


  3. Please let us know how you are as soon as possible. I'm praying for you and others we know in the South.

  4. Thank you Jane and Ray and Colorado Columbine!
    The storms reached our area at 2:00 am so it was a rocky night in the wee hours, but as far as I can see our county in NE GA received only wind and thunder. I'm OK, but I see by the news that others in GA were not so fortunate...Boy, am I glad that they passed. I hope that's it for a while!

    Thank you again for the prayers. I really covet them.

  5. oh no, 11 dead in GA

  6. I'm glad to hear you're alright. I know many weren't though.

  7. Praying you are safe and have been praying for your area.


  8. praying for you and all in your area! and also that all that are affected will call on Jesus! It's really, really sad that the news is not touching this tragedy but is instead focusing on a marriage in a different country that has absolutely nothing to do with the united states. It's truly unbelievable...

    It's also really awesome that you are still dedicated to updating your blog for us. God bless!

    - Debbie


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