Mysterious rumblings unnerve residents

Out of Canada:

Windsor-Essex being hit by mysterious rumblings
"Ontario’s Environment Ministry is investigating reports of mysterious rumblings in parts of Windsor and Essex County. Nine formal complaints have been registered to the local ministry office and there have been numerous telephone inquiries, officials say. “I feel like I’m going mental,” said Sonya Skillings, a resident in the 3800 block of Poplar Avenue, just east of Windsor Regional Hospital’s Western Campus. “It’s in the ground and it feels like there is a subway under the house. It happens at all different times — in the middle of the night, as well.” The ministry has investigated underground blasting by at the Windsor Salt mine, but the company blasts only once a day Monday to Friday in mid-afternoon."

“We just want to know what the noise is,” said Skillings, a married mom to six-year-old and five-month-old boys. “It’s just weird that nobody knows. If it’s not the salt mines, then what is it?” Ministry of Environment officers have asked homeowners to keep a log in order to help find the source of the rumbling. The calls about the noise have come from nearly every corner in Windsor and the surrounding area, said Teri Gilbert, issues project co-ordinator for the local Environment Ministry office. “We have received a number of complaints and it seems widespread,” she said. “Most are from west Windsor, but also Amherstburg, South Windsor and Lakeshore. “In response we are working with a number of partners — the City of Windsor, federal government and Michigan state government — to determine the source. We have not been able to nail it down.” The ministry’s goal is to eliminate any possibility the vibrations are being caused by an industrial source on either side of the border."

"Mining activities by salt companies on either side of the border have been ruled out because “their operations are not coinciding with the times people are feeling these (vibrations),” Gilbert said. Homeowners and any neighbours they can enlist will log the noises and vibrations for at least the next month, she said. Another possibility could be overhead jets circling, landing and taking off from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, but Skillings believes that’s not the case. “The vibrations definitely are more underground,” she said. “All I hear is the rumbling.” Gilbert indicated federal aviation authorities may be contacted once the Environment Ministry can rule out all industrial sources."

“It’s a mystery,” she said. “There appears to be no rhyme or reason to it.”


  1. That is so strange! But you know-- it makes sense. All of creation is groaning in anticipation!!


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