Obama, Son of Strelka, and the unwitting creation story

On July 5th I'd written, "throughout the 2008 Presidential campaign and after Obama was elected, there were many blogs, comments, and social media essays purporting that Obama may be the antichrist. I don't believe he is, but that dramatic feeling swept the country among Christians and I firmly believe there was a reason so many people felt that way. Collectively, we are not often touched with a similarly strong feeling of spiritual evil- so there must be some basis for it." I've mentioned this before: I think he is a fallen angel. View these next comments in light of that possibility.

He is spiritually creepy. People get a weird feeling around him and about him. Chris Matthews gets a thrill up his leg. Others faint. Some swoon. Others just lose their minds. He has been described as being mesmerizing, hypnotizing, soaring, and most tellingly, "spellbinding." He takes on a "Christ-like quality for many people"  and they call him the "brother from another planet." New Yorker's writer George Packer wrote in 2008: "No less an intellect than The New Yorker's George Packer confesses that moments after a 25-minute campaign speech by Obama in New Hampshire concluded, he couldn't remember exactly what the candidate said. Yet "the speech dissolved into pure feeling, which stayed with me for days," he writes."

Hypnotizing nebulous amorphousness that leaves no tangible mental trace but causes an altered physiology. Hmmm. Weird. And speaking of weird, but perhaps genius in a weird way, today we have Blogger Dan Warren's project. Warren got so interested in the cadence, rhetoric, and detail of Obama's distinctive speech patterns, he made an audio story using his voice. And now an animatic about it. Warren has spent four years snipping snippets of Obama's self-read autobiography and putting the various separate phrases into a story. Kind of like auditory magnetic poetry.

Here is how Warren describes it. "Bit by bit I’ve dissected Obama’s self-read autobiography into thousands of very short phrases, usually one to ten words or so, and have used these snippets to tell a completely different story from the original."

There is something behind how Obama speaks. What Dan Warren heard was the thing behind the thing, where the edges of his auditory perception end and his spiritual perception begins. His project is called Son of Strelka, Son of God. It is nine auditory parts. So far Warren has completed two visual parts and uploaded them to Youtube. It's compelling, interesting, amazing, seamless, and WEIRD. Perhaps it is the real story...

Here are some summaries:
Slate: A demigod is born from a fruit tree, sets about creating the world, and eventually mates with a human woman to produce a son, called Stanley. "I was different, after all," explains the god-child.

The Creator's Project:"The Biblically-influenced tale of Stanley, born from an Adam-like character, a proto-man, plays with the themes and conventions of the Greatest Story Ever Told. It chronicles the world’s creation via a falling monkey, the rise of civilization and the birth of Stanley, a deformed orphan son-woman who is to be our savior. Desolate, s/he wanders the earth as the world descends into war. Gods come down to earth, the world starts pouring blood and it all gets a bit Revelations-y. Stanley meets the cosmic turtle who supports the world, and even he can’t help to save the world’s ruin, so they go find Buddha, but he’s not much cop either. Stanley then realizes he has the power to create worlds, does so, and proceeds to fall asleep on his mother’s lap."

I've watched both parts. They are poetic and strange, just the kind of think I like. Here are some stills from the video.
Poison fruit, hanging on the tree
The 'thing' that came from the fruit climbs up

Death unexpectedly enters the world.
men built cities

Oops! That's not from the  movie Son of Strelka. It's from Gobekli Tepe, the 11000 year old pagan temple! Oh well, some things never change... my blog about it
And the cities buildings grew bigger and taller...
and taller...OOPS I did it again.
This is a monolith of the first city-worship center, Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. I wrote about it earlier today
So that's a peek into Dan Warren's mind and his Son of Strelka, Son of God. Perhaps that feeling of Christ-likeness is wearing off, being only a counterfeit after all, and the real spiritual persona is being felt at last. What do you think?


  1. By fallen angel, do you mean possessed in a sense that his (Obama) actions are influenced by the dark side (and I don't mean Vader)?

  2. I mean actual angel. We know that there are angels. (Neh 9:6) We know that there are multitudes of them. (Luke 2:13) Of those multitudes, we know a third are satan's. (Rev 12:4) We know that they incarnate.(Matthew 28:2) We know they come on the earth. (Acts 8:26, Gen 19:2). We know they come on the earth for various amounts of time, a minute, overnight, a lifetime. (Acts 27:23, Gen 6:2) We know that masquerade as angels of light, as satan does. (2 Cor 11:14-15). We know that satan is god of this age (2 Cor 4:4; Luke 4:5-6) for it has been handed to him, so by logic directs his fallen ones to do satan's work on it.

    We also know that the last days will be like the days of Noah, among the conditions at the days of Noah is that there were fallen angels corrupting those on the earth.

    The world's immediate and hypnotic reaction to Obama, and the physiological reactions people have when meeting him, given Obama's nebulous beginnings and his reaction to things of Jesus (taking down the Christian emblem at Christian college before speaking for one example) and given the times, I make the statement, supported by these and other bible truths and personal reasons, I believe he is a fallen angel, doing satan's evil work in preparing this 'Christian nation' for its fall. Of course, I won't know this for sure or not until I get there, and I won't slander him, (Jude 1:8) so I won't say much more. We'll see who the fallen angels are when we're glorified at the end of the age and we judge angels, meaning really, we are qualified to see the judgment laid upon them by the One who has all authority. (1 Cor 6:3)

    So it is not surprising that satan would send some of his fallen ones to spend time on earth preparing for the culmination of satan's great age... those are my thoughts and my reasons for them.

  3. I've talked with people who listened, in person, to Hitler speak at his many rallys. Their reaction was similar to how people have reacted to Obama, especially during the presidential campaign. All through history there have been men who have had, and have now, "silver tongues" and can mesmorize the masses. Other despots use force, but these men use words.

    I'd be real careful about calling him a fallen angel simply because God is very clear in His Word that the human heart is totally and completely wicked. There is NOTHING good in us. We are dead in our sins. (for a list of verses that confirm this, see http://www.traviscarden.com/articles/total-depravity-verse-list, but you can just read the books of John and Romans instead).

    It doesn't take a fallen angel to do what is being done right now. We, in our unsaved, unredeemed state, are completely able to do the most wicked and vile things ever imagined (and beyond our imagining) without any help from Satan and his cohorts. As the Day draws closer, II Timothy 3:1-4 is happening. Maybe the words don't sound so bad to us: "People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power." Just think of that one word: brutal. What does that mean? Imagine someone being brutal with no restraint put on him/her. Now think about: conceited. Unholy! Proud. This is not a fallen angel Paul was writing about, but humanity during the Last Days. When the restrainer is removed, we are going to see many more - thousands and millions - of PEOPLE like this.

    O may be influenced by Satan - and I believe he is - but I do not believe he is a fallen angel. I see a man full of pride, being used just as God used Nebuchadrezzer to accomplish His purposes with His people. Just like Nebuchadrezzer, God will deal with him (punish)after He's used him. http://solochristo.com/theology/Salvation/pog/sogp6.htm

  4. I don't fully understand this post, but I was speed reading. I'll have to revisit it later today or tonight!! For now, I gotta run out for a bit.

  5. Hmmm,
    Interesting, I am praying about this.....


  6. It's weird. I don't know what to make of it. Other than the audio author picked up on a spiritual truth in his deep subconscious...which artists often do.

  7. Yeah, I'm still not sure what to make of it, even now. Later. Revisited. *head scratching* Odd though.

  8. Listening to part of the first audio, it is oddly poetic. I think the author caught Obama's spiritual bent toward the demonic and apocalyptic.

    I like the bible's use of metaphor and symbolism. Words change but the spiritual "rightness" of certain metaphors remain constant throughout time. Like a woman in labor being the metaphor for the tribulation, which will birth the newly born kingdom. Or the restless sea is the sinful humanity always moving in waves to and fro, never still or at peace.

    I think the author caught the internal spiritual pictures behind Obama's outward persona: that he IS a demigod, being a fallen angel but exalting himself inappropriately to godlike status...that he IS progeny from a poison fruit from the tree, that he DOES see himself as savior, renewing the earth post-apocalypse. I think the author caught that in his persona and put it to film and audio.

    Now the weird thing to me is that this guy spent four years doing it! And has no hope of making money from it, and every likelihood that he'll be legally told to dismantle it. Now THAT's Some kind of commitment to a weird project that's fairly incomprehensible in the first place.


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