Pelosi says that Job is nuthin' compared to Obama

And the biblical allusions just keep on coming. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today in referring to the debt limit talks, that Obama has more patience that Job. Really, WAY more. Her transcribed comments:

"I want to commend the president – I have never seen – Job is no place compared to this president in terms of patience,” said Pelosi at a press briefing on Thursday. “He [Job] doesn’t even begin because this president has demonstrated a level of patience, not only during the meetings but as respect, respectful of the suggestions that are made by all parties at the meeting, in his preparation for the meeting, and his coming back to address concerns that are expressed by others.”

Article here, at CNS, and video below

So Job doesn't even begin to compare to Barack Obama. Wow. Just wow. Well, maybe she's right. Let's check

Obama sat through four meetings, feeling attacked by Republicans. Job was attacked by satan, the most evil being in heaven or earth.

Obama lost time on the golf links, and planning his birthday bash.
Job lost all his herds and all his children in one day.

Obama goes home to a loving and supportive wife.
Job went home to a wife that urged him to "curse God and die."

Obama has all the possessions he wants or needs.
Job lost everything he had.

Obama worries about graying hair.
Job worried about finding enough potsherds to scratch the pus-filled boils on every inch of his body.

Obama has friends who say he is the  greatest man alive.
Job's friends told him he was a scummy sinner that deserved what he got, including dead children.

I could go on but you get the idea. Let's cut to the chase. Here's the truth. Obama has petulance. Job had patience. Obama has the spirit of antichrist. Job has eternal glory in the bosom of God. I guess Pelosi is right. Obama and Job do not compare.


  1. Oh my goodness.... Really, Pelosi?...

    I have no other words. I'm too put off by that "comparison" of hers.

  2. I"m really, REALLY offended, but I have to let the ire cool by praying, and to remember that she is lost, in the dark, and will be forever unless she sees the light. It's talk like this that ties me out most. Blasphemy is draining

  3. Maybe her book of Job is different from mine.

  4. Mebbe so. "The Book of Obama" the most patient man to ever sit through a meeting because that is his job"

  5. Pelosi lives in an alternate reality.

    I think she personifies deception, being deceived and causing deception. If she really believes the things she says, what she sees as the best for everyone and the way she votes, her heart and mind are clouded and dark. She needs prayer, but I truly think she is as anti-Christ as Obama is.

  6. This is so laughable. Pelosi is one of the few dolts out there still worshiping Obama. If Obama was truly the Antichrist, Pelosi would be his false prophet.

    Our next president/cabinet will probably be worse than Obama's in every possible way. I wouldn't even be surprised if he somehow got reelected. I also believe

  7. Maybe instead of Job she meant "job" - as in President Obama is doing a louy "job."


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