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South Korea: 11 inches of rain in one day triggers massive landslides

The Debt limit fight in our nation's capitol is all-consuming and claiming our entire attention right now. As a matter of fact, I have several South American Spanish language channels on my television lineup and the other night they devoted quite a bit of time to our issue, with Spanish-language reporters present and filming first-person in Congress, and interviewing Congressmen afterwards, with the interviews translated into Spanish. The debt limit fight is claiming many nations' attention right now. The debt limit fight has global repercussions, and I plan another blog entry later to discuss the effects of such political crises.

But meanwhile, there have been terrible rains, storms, and landslides in South Korea. Chinese media reports, "62 killed in South Korea Flood"

"South Korea is struggling to cope after the worst rainfall in decades triggered landslides and flooding. Residents in the worst affected areas are worried and scared as the disaster claimed 62 lives with 9 still missing. ... The national weather agency says Seoul received more than 300 millimeters of rain on Wednesday (11.8 inches), the largest single-day in July since records began in 1907. And the downpour had left more than 11 thousand people homeless and flooded 978 hectares of farmland across the country."

Below is a video taken from inside a moving vehicle on a highway looking outward through the windshield at the road ahead at the moment that a landslide occurred, sweeping cars and trucks into the woods.

As I said, our debt limit fight is important, but please always remember to pray for the people in the world who are rendered homeless, hungry, or grief-stricken because of the continual natural disasters affecting so many...Those without Jesus must be petrified at what is happening to the world. Those who are Christians must need encouragement to persevere in the faith. Both groups need our prayers.


  1. Dubuque, IA and other NE Iowa towns had 14 inches of rain in one day last week and are suffering massive flooding.

  2. It's the middle of the country there is too much water and just to the west there's not enough...but praise the Lord we can have the Living Water!

  3. Ahh, to partake from the fountain of Living Water, just the right measure and to last for an eternity! I will remember to pray for those affected by the floodings, drought, storms and other natural disasters. Most of all though, we must pray for the salvation of souls as all flesh will perish..only the soul can be saved.


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