News of the weird: smoking hills, strange hum, mysterious booms, and we're all going mental

The Vancouver Sun reports that there is a whole lotta shakin goin on. They're mystified by it.

Ontario city mystified by whole lotta shakin' underground
For months, residents of south and west Windsor have been wondering and worrying about vibrations of unknown origin. And now, those mysterious rumblings under the city have found a new believer — the city's Ward 10 Coun. Al Maghnieh, who says it's time to start taking the phenomenon seriously. "It's very present and real," he said. Maghnieh added that those who think the phenomenon is a joke or that its proponents are "crazy" need to grasp the implications in terms of health and the environment. "I mean, it's actually scary to think that this is going on and we still can't pinpoint what it is," he said. "This is potentially very dangerous." Maghnieh said he first started receiving calls from concerned citizens back in March. But it wasn't until the early hours of Friday morning — when he'd arranged to visit the homes of rumble witnesses — that he experienced the sensation himself. "It's a very sharp, consistent rumble sound," Maghnieh said. "Sometimes it's like a hum." [more at link[

Another earth event no one is able to explain...

In June the UK Telegraph reported another village is latest victim of 'the hum'.
"It is a mysterious sound on the very edge of perception that has driven thousands of people around the world to distraction." Now a tiny English village is the latest community to claim to be being hit by the phenomenon known as "the hum". Residents of Woodland, in County Durham, claim that every night a noise permeates the air similar to the throb of a car engine. It is sometimes so strong that it even shakes the bed of one of the householders. But no matter how hard they look, the community cannot find the source of the problem and, at their wits end, have called in the council to investigate. The 300-strong population is the latest around the world to be hit by the rumble which has in the past led to wild conspiracy theories blaming it on UFOs, government experiments and abandoned mine shafts."

This video is from Kiev a few days ago. It is a video of a cityscape scene that is veritably throbbing with a humming noise. It is not traffic. I make no claim about what it purports to show. Without context, the sound could simply be a street-level tunnel construction. On the other hand, I don't think anyone would take a video of the sound if it was attributable to normal and ongoing construction...

In this news spot from California a few days ago, the newscaster reports that the hills are smoking. The news spot is headed by the phrase "Mystery Phenomenon."

Hmmm, weird. Other reports say that it may have been a minor quake that opened a submerged tar pit that when added the oxygen and it got superheated. There are a lot of "maybes' and 'possiblies' in that explanation.

News Daily states unequivocally that we've all seemed to gone mental. Their speculation is that it's the sun doing it.

Riots, wild markets: Did space storms drive us mad?
"Rollercoaster financial markets and the worst riots Britain has seen in decades have made it quite a week for a time of year that is usually so dead the newspapers are filled with "silly season" tales of amusing pet antics. Everyone is pointing fingers -- at blundering politicians, hooded thugs, disaffected youths, bumbling police and greedy bankers -- but could the cause for all the madness really be the star at the center of our solar system?"

They go on to speculate that it may be the bombardment of Coronal Mass Ejections containing high concentrations of charged ions driving us crazy.

It's not ions. It's sin. As Terry James at Rapture ready wrote today so eloquently, "The Holy Spirit (the Restrainer) will withdraw from His office as governor on the consciences of mankind, we are told in 2 Thessalonians 2: 6-8. Then evil will be unleashed to make life hell on earth for all of those left behind to face God’s wrath and judgment."

The Tribulation is a time when the LORD will shake the earth. He is in control of the earth, the sky, the universe, and heaven. He will cause the stars to fall, the sun to go black, earthquakes to crumble mountains and islands to disappear. The earth will crack apart, it will be split asunder. (Rev 6, Isaiah 24:19; Matthew 24, Amos 5:18; Nahum 1:5...).

He is speaking now. He is longsuffering and patient, waiting for those who will repent, to repent. So what are you waiting for? Ask Jesus to forgive your sins! He will!


  1. I do feel a heartache for the people who will be left here to endure a world without the Holy Spirit acting as Restrainer. They not only will have to deal with the judgements of God, but with unbridled sin run rampant. Of course, many will be willing to be party to it... But for those who are not... :(

    That is some crazy stuff. Seriously! These times are so interesting, so captivating. It's like a roller coaster! Is it just me, or does it feel like we are just about to reach the top of a very big hill?

    I long for Jesus to come for us. I long for the lost to turn to Him.

  2. Very interesting and curious. If you go to youtube you can hear the same or very similar sound, in other videos, from different places, around the world. The first one I had heard, earlier this year, was from Florida. I checked youtube to find it and found other videos that had the same sound. What could it be. Is it something from a device man created, or is it something spiritual?

  3. Kiev - They are building a new metro station underground and what she is hearing is most likely the boring machine or some other machinery at work. (Caution: don't scroll all the way the end of the page due to photo content) Elizabeth, if you've ever been in a Soviet built city, it's like being in a concrete canyon. When you walk between the 9, 15 and more story buildings EVERY sound reveberates. Notice how the person videoing the sound can also pick up the sounds of children playing out on the street (didn't see any in the part I watched), and she is obviously what, on the 5th or 6th floor? I agree - the sound she hears is horrible and spooky, but everyone seems to just be going around minding their own business, even the woman pushing the baby carriage (I look around like she is doing whenever I'm out walking here). (Her little girl doesn't like the sound either - that's what the conversation is about. :) ) Also, there is civil unrest going on in the City center due to the arrest/trial of Yulia Tymoshenko. I don't know where this video was taken, but it could be from some noise makers at the demonstrations, the kind they use at the football (soccer) games, or even some kids playing with one in the Concrete Jungle and enjoying the sounds echoing. Horrible sound but I am sure it has a natural explanation. Believe me, anything out of the ordinary here, the authorities would be on it in a second, it would be on the tv news, it would be in all the papers and all the babushkas sitting out on their benches would be gossiping like mad about it. Haven't heard a word about it from any of those sources.

  4. From a missionary friend in Rio: "The violence in Rio de Janeiro continues. Judge Patricia Acioli, 44, judge in homicide and organized crime cases, was ambushed outside her home Friday morning. She was hit by 21 bullets and all her murderers escaped. During her short career, she had sentenced some 60 bad cops, gang members and a leading numbers racket head to prison. Pray for Rio. 30,000 murders in just the last four years."

    I am in 100% agreement with you, I really don't think CME's coming in from the sun are causing this, if for no other reason than the sun has been quiet for the past 4 years! But unregenerate man will never acknowledge his sin or need of a Savior.

  5. Я живу в доме рядом, я тоже заинтересовался этими звуками, но я нашёл ответ - этот звук точно совпадает с поворотом крана со стройки рядом, когда он поворачивает стрелу - возникает звук трения об металл, а звучит жутковато, я такие звуки и раньше слышал на стройках. The person writing this says it is from a construction crane nearby, that when the crane turns "the arrow" (top part), the bottom makes this horrible sound. She lives in one of the nearby buildings and went looking for where the noise was coming from and that is what she found. There is a LOT of new construction going on in Kiev.

  6. Thank you for the information! It seemed like it could be construction, but if it wasn't it was a really, REALLY weird sound!


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