Israel evacuates Jordan Embassy staff

From today's Israel Business News

"A huge demonstration is planned for today outside the embassy in Amman, which Israeli authorities worry could turn violent. Israel has evacuated the staff of its embassy in Amman, Jordan. The evacuation was at the order of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman ahead of the huge demonstration planned for today outside the embassy, which Israeli authorities worry could turn violent, as happened in Cairo last week. The demonstration was organized via Facebook, entitled "Jordan will help liberate Palestine", and will reportedly draw a crowd of several thousand. Drawing on the lessons of the assault on the Israeli embassy in Cairo, Israel evacuated its diplomatic staff and their families from Amman during the night. They entered Israel by the Allenby Bridge. Jordanian security forces are deployed to guard the embassy. Reinforcements of armed troops are patrolling the area with the clear intent of preventing a repeat of the scenes in Cairo."

Earlier this week there was a violent demonstration at Cairo's embassy and Israeli personnel were evacuated. The fact that this is happening in Egypt and Jordan is significant is because Egypt and Jordan are the only two Arab nations that have a peace treaty with Israel. In the face of violent demonstrations occurring and the hateful rhetoric being spoken, the peace treaties become merely paper. The bible says that Israel will be completely surrounded by the time of Armageddon. That in the Tribulation she will have NO friends. We see this trajectory occurring now.

More later, with scripture when I come home from work this afternoon...Please pray for Jews round the world, as well as Christians. Their lives are in danger just by virtue of who they are.