News of the Weird: Blue fireball falls on house, 1 dead, 6 injured

The story was posted today, Monday September 26th so I think it's unlikely that it was from the satellite... This is from Google translate, original link here in Spanish. The town where the fireball fell from heaven is south of Buenos Aires, Argentina

"The incident occurred minutes before 2 am, in a building located on the intersection of Luis Vernet and Los Andes, a town of Monte Grande, of Esteban Echeverría. The causes of the explosion are still unknown, but locals say they witnessed the fact that "a ball of fire fell from heaven." "He began to feel much smell like gunpowder," recalled one person who lives in the area told C5N. "There is no explanation for what happened," said Cayetano, a local resident, told Radio 10, then adding, "a neighbor ran because he saw a fireball falling blue." The commander of the local fire department, Guillermo Pérez, remarked that still do not know the cause of the incident, but acknowledged that the first version is aimed at an "object that fell from heaven." "I heard that version, but I can not say at first. Must be bound to expertise to really see what happened, "he said in a statement to Radio 10. Perez confirmed that two trade houses and" were completely destroyed. "In fact, a woman who was trapped under the rubble lost life while six others were rescued and were taken for care at a local hospital, told C5N firefighters who work on site. The victim is one of the people who lived in the building where the explosion was generated. As the injured, three belong to that house and three adjoining the house, hit by the blast. All the injured were out of danger, said C5N. According to the story of neighbors, the outbreak was felt even in adjoining towns like Ezeiza and Temperley, south of Buenos Aires."

Well. What do you think it was?


  1. A bout 2-3 weeks ago NASA commented that space junk (junk being the plural of "junk") would be falling to Earth soon.

    They say another piece larger than UARS will fall to Earth soon (no date given.)

    My belief is that it was space junk. After all why would they take credit for it, when they'd have to pay for damages?

  2. D'oh!


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