Updated earthquake data. Lots more quakes in the last two weeks since last update

A major quake at Sumatra Indonesia just now...

Average amounts of quakes in the 6.0-6.9 magnitude range annually number 134 on average, according to the USGS statistics. I posted about the major quake at Vanuatu on Aug 20 and I'd updated the data through that date at that time. Through August 20 the USGS annual average for quakes in that magnitude range was already exceeded, the number of quakes in that range numbered 140:
Since Aug 20 through today, there have been ten more quakes in the 6.0-6.9 range. So the data after only 15 days is outdated again. With the 6.6 quake at Sumatra a few minutes ago, we now have had 150 this year considered 'major quakes'.

Here is the updated chart through today, Sept 5, 2011.

Since Aug 20 there had been 11 quakes in the 7.0-7.9 range. The annual average is 14. In the last two weeks we have had three more, so we now equal the annual average. There is still a quarter of the year to go. With so many earthquakes over the last two weeks, is there any doubt that with a quarter of the year left to go that all averages will not only be be exceeded (which hey already are) but will be crushed? There is no doubt in my mind.


  1. Not only has there been an increase in big quakes there is a real and definite progression of new activity in the US, Midwest and East Coast. 4.6 on the North Atlantic Ridge and a 4.5 today near Durango, Mexico and a 5.9 near Panama. I have been watching the usgs site for about 4 years and this is activity that I have never seen before in the way of frequency / time density. Yet another 2.5 in Mineral, VA. today. Those that have their future built on the solid rock of Jesus cannot be shaken.

  2. Amen Jeff!

    It's so weird that California seems relatively quiet. I've been hearing that the main faults in the ring of fire have experienced massive earthquakes (Japan, Chile, New Zealand) and that Cali might be next. It really seems like the whole earth is going to explode at any second. I don't want to fathom how horrifying the earthquakes will be during the great tribulation. It's wonderful to see prophecy come to pass today but at the same time it's extremely sobering.

  3. I agree, Jeff. I've been watching the earthquake page for 5 ot 6 years, too. Seems the 6 pointers come in groups of 3 or 4 over a few days, in different parts of the world (i.e. not all in the same area). I first started noticing quakes in the middle of the US a couple years ago and took note of it. OK, AR and so forth - there are always quakes in NM, CO, UT, WY, MT and farther west. After all, those states are where the Rocky Mountains begin, jutting out of the rolling prairies dramatically as they so beautifully do, and of course, Yellowstone is there, too.


    There are a lot of smaller quakes going on along the West Coast, too. At the time of my posting this, there are 18 earthquakes on this map. An unusual little swarm going on between Richland, WA and the Columbia River which seperates WA and OR.

    There were also 14 quakes along the western 'edge' of WA, including one in the Strait of Jaun de Fuca. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsus/Maps/US10/42.52.-130.-120.php

    Most people watch CA because so many people live there and the area is known for it's quakes. I watch farther north. I've spent time in the Pacific Northwest and I have to admit - those volcanoes thrill me and scare me. Rainier, St. Helens, Baker, and more, but especially Rainier. Everytime I ferry across Puget Sound from Seattle west, I look at that volcano (if it's visible, usually is) and wonder - 'when are you going off again?? how many people are going to die? what will it be like?' My husband and I were exploring along the SE section of Mount Baker the day the earthquake in Haiti happened. I had uneasy feelings about the volcano, out of site in the clouds or behind other mountains, all day. Told my husband once that I thought I'd felt a tremor. I think I actually felt one of the P or S waves from Haiti that shook the whole earth - just an ever so slight rolling motion. I honestly thought it was just nerves due to Baker - until we got back to our room for the night and saw the news!

    Cascadia will go "naturally" one of these days, earthquake/volcanoes. The question for me is, will they go "naturally" like St. Helens did, or will they be a closer part of Christ's return?

  4. This is a very interesting plot, comparing solar activity to earthquake activity. It also shows whether earthquakes are really increasing or not. From "Lurking" on Erik Klemmiti's volcano blog, 'Eruptions', September 9, 2011:


    The whole post and 2 more links (to read the background conversation, go to http://bigthink.com/ideas/40129#comments ):

    Erik Klemetti on September 9, 2011, 4:20 PM

    “…I can counter with a multiple of earthquakes that had no relationship to anything the sun was doing. That is where the correlation breaks down…”

    I can plot that.

    Scatter plot – Solar Flux vs World Wide M4.5+ (USGS)


    Or…. how about Solar Flare strength vs the same batch

    (just the two sets on the same time-line)

    Note, the spike in the quake numbers happened during the Japanese tsunami event. It’s not an error, there were that many quakes.



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