Word of the Week: Omniscience

What discernment and prophecy blogs are for

Discernment ministries and end time prophetic ministries are like the Doppler effect. The Doppler effect is heard when, say, a vehicle sounding a siren or horn approaches you, passes, and goes away from you. The frequency is higher during the approach, it is correct at the instant of passing by, and it is lower during the going away.

When you hear a siren, your ears perk up, even when it is in the distance. As it approaches you might think “Gee, it’s getting closer, I hope everything is OK.’ You listen for a moment to determine of the siren is indicating a fire near you or a crime that you should be worried about in your immediate vicinity. As the siren recedes you breathe an unconscious sigh of relief. You know that there are first responders at the scene who are helping and attending to the afflicted. You go your way relaxing at each step, initially relieved that the siren is now out of earshot and secure in the knowledge that others are on the case.

We don't partake of a steady diet of the siren. For example, if you get the siren from the police car and install it in your home, you will become irritated after a while, then aggravated, then angry. It will totally consume everything you hear, think about or talk about, rather than the other normal things you do in your home.

Discernment and Prophetic ministries are that siren. You’re not supposed to live on a steady diet of it. Discernment verses are in the bible and prophecy makes up one third of the bible, but even at that, there is OTHER meat we live upon. The first responders at the scene are other Christians, attending to neighbors, caring for them in the ways that they need. The siren alerts you, but only to let you know that there is an urgency somewhere in the world. You need to go along and join the people helping at the place where help is needed, not sit and listen to the siren all the time.

What I and others do is give you the tools you need to begin appealing to the Spirit for discernment. It isn't to educate you on each and every false doctrine. It isn't for you to ingest a steady diet of falsity apart from the truth of the bible and Jesus. It is to give you a grounding of what is true balanced against what is false, and to learn to begin regularly appealing to the Spirit for greater depth in distinguishing between the two. I'll give you an example from my own life.

When I first came to the Lord, I was fascinated with fallen angels and the demonic realms. I studied the topic intensely. I bought books, I read web pages, I watched youtube videos. After about four or five months I realized that quite some time had gone by since I'd listened to a sermon on some good meat such as the Gospel, or the life of Jesus, or joy in ministry. I vowed then and there to quit cold turkey and only focus on Him.

As for End Time/Prophetic Ministries, the same thing goes. A steady diet of absorbing every nuance of each little jot and tittle of the news plus biblical references to prophecy may be instructive, but there is other meat in the bible that is important to be absorbed. For example, I don't usually listen to sermons about prophetic things. The other day I listened to a sermon on The Humble Gospel. Right now I'm listening to a sermon on the joy Paul had in the Thessalonican church.

We need meat, but if you had hamburger every night you would get sick of it! A prophetic ministry is there to offer you enough meat so you understand the prophesies, and that you understand the times, SO THAT you allow the Spirit to then increase your urgency and fervor for Living for Him, knowing He may come back any second and the next second you will be facing Him.

Anonymous on my previous blog entry regarding wolves and gratitude made a great comment. The comment was actually the catalyst for this blog entry. That person had said, "I think I might take a step away from discernment blogs because they just make me angry. The latest thing I saw was a band at Perry Noble's church singing AC/DC's highway to hell on Easter Sunday!!!! It's such an obvious move from the kingdom of evil and I was just blown away at how satan's tares have infiltrated the church...it's all getting too much. I think I know enough now to focus on praying for those that are deceiving and those that are getting deceived. I've also been studying bible prophecy and the headlines a wee too much for awhile now. It's all SO interesting but I sometimes do it instead of spending time with God. I hope that's ok to admit on here LOL..."

It is!

Feel free to come and go, to learn biblical standards and discernment and then go your way being salt and light. It actually makes me proud of Anonymous to read "I think I know enough now to focus on praying for those that are deceiving and those that are getting deceived." Yes! That is how it should work. The information on Discernment blogs and Prophecy blogs should not be information in and of itself but only be a launching point to go into the world and worship, serve, and praise.



  1. I love bacon, but I'd hate to eat it every night.... ;) Like hamburger meat! Yet, my oh my, do we need that protein!

    Great post, Elizabeth. It was so encouraging, too!

  2. Amen! Great post! thank you

  3. Again, great analogy. The problem is that we in the discernment ministries have to keep up with all the false stuff so as to be the watchmen warning others and getting the word out. But even we must continually stay in the Word to avoid scrambling our brains with too much evil. Ron Rhodes jokes that his wife makes him read five good books for every book he reads on false teachings. Not a bad idea.

  4. Thanks Jimbo and Glenn :). Glenn, I agree. I will be here until the moment I'm raptured or until the Spirit impresses upon my heart to 'do something else'. But until then, I stay positive with plain old biblical sermons. Nothing lifts my spirits like the Word. I do have to monitor my emotional level and refrain from what truly depresses me. For me, that's stories about child abuse.

  5. Completely agree. I've had a similar experience, being a new "convert." (I believe I was always saved, but I just reacquired a strong passion a year and a half ago. If not, I suppose I was saved this year. I prayed anyway to clear my conscience). Point being, I was very zealous in the beginning (still am, but discernment is important in how you spend your time), and read and read and read a lot, spending an enormous amount of time dealing with end-times prophecies and Islamic terror etc etc. (answering-islam and thereligionofpeace (good websites, by the way,but I agree with your point--there's too much material on there to consume it all. You have to pick and choose)).

    I believe this is why the Bible says that a pastor should not be a new convert. I understand the reason why, given my experience.

    This is the first time I've hopped on here for a few months. :) I'm learning to reapply myself to the real world. I won't do any good if all I do is fill up on doctrine and such, but never get around to developing fruits of the Holy Spirit and fulfilling the Great Commission.

    Thanks for your blog. I am relieved to, so far, be convinced that you are a strong believer with sound doctrine and the Spirit's gift of Discernment.

    God bless,


  6. Hi Erik,
    Thank you so much. I hope you have been having a fruitful time away. I can see that your joy in the Lord is still shining, and I hope He blesses you richly in these waning days.


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