Frozen Planet: amazing photos

Earlier today I posted some photos of the results of the latest Coronal Mass Ejection results of hitting earth: a Northern Lights storm that was so vast it was seen in half the states and all the way south to Texas. So at that time, I'd mused on the macro; the lights sparked by the sun so far away in space and our Creator 'out there.'

But now here is a look at the micro. Our Creator makes small things too! A wonderful series on BBC hosted Sir David Attenborough returns to tv with yet another series of glorious scenery and marvel from our world. This time, it's the polar regions. Here is a slide show of 19 photos from this latest episodes. Amazing!!

A couple of my favorites, that in my opinion, especially reflect His glory in creativity.

"Cameramen Doug Anderson and Hugh Miller created a bespoke underwater tripod which they bolted to the ice ceiling. They were able to get extraordinarily stable, macro shots of theses amazing ice formations or ‘ice chandeliers’, which were inhabited by millions of tiny ice fish whose bodies were full of anti-freeze. Under ice diving is not for the faint-hearted - it is the most high risk diving in the world. Our crew dived a record 110 times in one Antarctic season and spent hours under the ice capturing this magical world."

"Snowflake close up detail - this is filmed with unique macro technology developed especially for the shot."

He is so wonderful! Imagine how New Jerusalem looks!