Massive Dust Storm hits Lubbock

Texas has been enduring a terrible drought. "With drought, Texas can expect more dust storms," "Despite recent rains, the Texas drought lingers — and experts say the number of irritating and dangerous dust storms could increase across the state, especially in West Texas and the Panhandle.

The story was in the media outlet, on Sunday. Unfortunately that prediction did not take too long to come true. Tonight a massive storm rolled through Lubbock, blotting out the sky and sparking lots of "WTF?!" comments on twitter.

Posted by Tom Fornelli - "That photo above is not doctored in any way, and was taken by Texas Tech's associate director/athletics communications for football Scott Lacefield. It's of a giant dust storm that has hit Lubbock, Texas and is literally blocking out the sky. This really doesn't have an effect on the Texas Tech football team, as the Red Raiders play in Oklahoma this weekend, but I figured the picture is just so amazing I had to share it here with the rest of you."

Above from From Twitter @JuliaCopeland

ABC News says 'Cold front responsible for bad dust storm in Lubbock'. Pastor John Wagner writes on twitter, "Strongest dust storm in 70 years - 51mph sustained winds & 75mph gusts! Complete darkness at 5:45pm."

Massive, blinding dust storms have plagued Lubbock's past
"People could see the menacing clouds methodically moving toward town. It wouldn’t be long before darkness settled in, and it was still the middle of the day. Tornado? Not this time. It was another weather phenomenon all too familiar to West Texans: the dust storm. “They were awful,” said Alta Cates, who moved to Lubbock from rural Scurry County in 1938. “They would come rolling in, and in some rare cases, the dust in the air was so thick you couldn’t see your radiator cap.” While today’s South Plains residents weather occasional dusty days, severe droughts and less sophisticated agricultural techniques were the primary reasons for numerous howling dust storms that occurred throughout the 1930s and into the early 1950s."

Apparently the storms are back, even with today's advanced agricultural technology. As the end time storms progress, they will be getting larger and larger. When the Tribulation occurs, the storms will be incomprehensibly large, with people in shock at being unable to understand the proportions and the scope of the devastation.

Fortunately, remember that Jesus is always larger than any storm, either the one you're having inside yourself or the one you're enduring in life or in nature. He will save you instantly if you repent. You might still have to go through a dust storm, but you'll be calm knowing that no matter what, Jesus is with you always, even to the end of the age. (Mt 28:20).


  1. Yes, Jesus is always larger than any storm!

  2. "Fortunately, remember that Jesus is always larger than any storm, either the one you're having inside yourself or the one you're enduring in life or in nature."

    Amen! Amen! Amen! This is something God has been teaching me through a certain storm I've been going through. 3 things: He's bigger than any storm, He's in control of the storm and I need to ALWAYS fix my eyes on Him.

  3. Those pictures are fearsomely pretty, I must say.

    I love that verse (Matthew 28:20). I have it posted about my kitchen sink on an index card, because I spend a lot of time doing dishes (no dishwasher) and it's one of my least favorite tasks. It's when I start to feel the most bitter if I let myself.... That verse reminds me that I should be happy, even doing my least favorite task, because Jesus is with me RIGHT THERE!

    To the very end.


  4. Dust storms look cool, even if they are a bit of a pain. I live in West Texas and this one looked pretty awesome yesterday.

  5. They oo look cool. However this one was particularly ferocious. Headline today:
    "Dust storm magnitude startles even long time residents""

  6. One of the first things my paternal grandmother taught my mother, when my parents were first married (at 16 and 17 years old) was how to dust-proof the house as best they could when a dust storm would hit. This was eastern Colorado - where the joke was always about the wind blowing someone's hat off and it being found the next day in Texas. Wet sheets hung over windows and doors, rags stuffed in any cracks around the windows, etc. During the height of the wind and dust problems of the early 1950's, after one particularly bad storm, they opened the (sealed) fridge, then opened the sealed butter container and found the butter covered in dust. I was born during one of those storms and my mother said that afterward she wrote her new baby's name in the thick dust on the windowsill of her hospital room, a Catholic hospital where the rooms were cleaned thoroughly every day.

    God has indeed blessed our country over the past 50 years. We were raised in a unique time of history, in a country where life was peaceful tho wars raged in other parts of the world, where life was rich while poverty raged in other parts of the world, where food was usually plentiful while famine occured in other parts of the world. To phrase it secularly - we lived in a Camelot world in the US. There were problems and sin and sickness and hunger at times, yes - but overall the US was blessed as few nations on earth have ever been blessed.

    For those of us born and raised during that time, we expect that is what life is supposed to be like, that it is our right to have a life like that. I don't know when Christ will return for sure, just as you do not, but I think that we American Christians have a twisted view of what life is really like because our history has been so 'easy'. We see what is happening around us in big, bold flashing neon letters and immediately think: End Time!!! while most of the rest of the world is thinking "ho hum, life goes on as usual" because this is what it's always been like for them, or actually things are getting better in some ways.

    Yes, I do believe we are very close to the End, when Christ returns for His Bride and our eternity in heaven and on the new earth begins. But we need to remember, this close to October 21st and Camping's prediction of the end of the world, that God does things in His own timing and His timing can take a very long time from our limited human view. Look for Him, but be prepared to live a normal life span worshipping and serving Him as generations of His children have done before.

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


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