Occupy Wall Street: class warfare plus wealth transfer equals antichrist conditions

The last years in this age on earth will be ruled by an evil dictator over a global economic empire: The Antichrist and the one world economic system. The current economic turmoil, riots, 'occupations, and wealth transfer is part of that last days scene, soon to be fulfilled. Before we look forward to examine these things, let's take a look back.

First, let us go to 2008. Obama is a Presidential candidate, campaigning. Many people suspected his socialist leanings from having been associated with socialists, (duh), allied with ACORN, with community organizing, and when he said to Joe the Plumber, "let's spread the wealth around." There was a severe pooh-poohing when the normal-thinking people said "AHA! Socialist! We knew it!" Socialism was dismissed as passe and Obama's connection with it ignored.

Nowadays, socialism is far from passe. It has become de rigueur. Imagine that. It is accepted, desired even, by these thousands of 'Occupy' folk. In just three short years, capitalism and corporation have become dirty words while socialism has been dusted off and given a new shine.

Let's go back even further to 1919-1920 and the rise of Italy's Benito Mussolini. Mussolini became a dictator at home and an international ally of Germany's Hitler throughout the Thirties and the Second World War.

"The Socialists, which by then had become the largest party, spoke theoretically of revolution, alarmed the conservatives, who quickly associated them with Communists. Thousands of agricultural and industrial strikes in 1919 and 1920 created a climate of class warfare and continual violence. Mussolini quickly shifted from leftist to rightist politics and began to gain support from middle-class industrialists who were fearful of working-class agitation and who objected to the agricultural strikes." Sound familiar? (Source: "Western Civilization: Since 1300 By Jackson J. Spielvogel.")

What is socialism? And what is its connection to the current violence in the Occupy Wall Street protests and riots? More importantly, is there a connection to the Tribulation and the last economic system yet to be fulfilled?

First, what is Socialism? "It is an economic doctrine, egalitarianism is the driving force behind socialism and communism. It is economic egalitarianism that seeks to remove the barriers of economic inequality by means of redistribution of wealth. ... The problem with this doctrine is ... a mistaken premise in economic egalitarianism which asserts that the rich have gotten their wealth by the exploitation of the poor." (source GotQuestions.org). We've certainly heard enough about that lately. They say "greedy corporations" are to blame for the mess we're in. They say 'evil banksters' put us here and we need socialism to get us out, because capitalism ain't working, they say.

The Tribulation will have a one world economic system. There will be very poor people, working all day just to buy a loaf of bread. (Rev 6:6). There will be the very rich possessing vast wealth, (Rev 18:17a) able to live luxuriously and trade in luxuries at will. (Rev 18.) The Occupy Wall Street protesters' hated "1%" will not disappear, but get wealthier and stronger.

The problem is, the Occupy Wall Street misguided are barking up the wrong tree, and in the end will not bring about their desired reforms but are in fact providing the platform for the Antichrist to appeal to the masses who clamor for 'social justice" (code for 'I want your money'). They will simply be on the losing end of a great wealth transfer, which history shows us happens every time socialism is attempted. Their grimy faces, currently spouting Hate Capitalism at filthy parks will soon be grimier, clutching the bars of the estate begging for scraps, much as Lazarus did at the Rich Man's gate, and the dig licked his sores. (Luke 16:19-31). Such will be the fate of Occupiers who call for evil corporations to be done away with. The Antichrist will comply- and then take the money for himself. But I get ahead of the story.

The connection to the current violence in the Occupy Wall Street protests & riots to the end time is seen in the following videos. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. (Winston Churchill)


You didn't know that America was engaged in violent class warfare in the Depression-era, did you? It was about Labor gaining a foothold, then a stranglehold on corporations. But it was not just about that. The Cleveland riots began as protests against foreclosures and evictions in a depressed housing market. By February of 1931 "Food riots" begin to break out in parts of the U.S. In Minneapolis, several hundred men and women smashed the windows of a grocery market and make off with fruit, canned goods, bacon, and ham. One of the store's owners pulls out a gun to stop the looters, but is leapt upon and has his arm broken. The "riot" is brought under control by 100 policemen. Seven people are arrested. The Humboldt Park 1932 riot was over rotten food.

The point is, and this should come as no surprise, "Research Shows That Austerity Can Lead to Riots". Writer Alain Sherter said in that article of austerity and anarchy, "Such events have many causes, of course. But one key contributing factor is economic shocks."


Even the language is the same. Skulls cracked then, skulls cracked now. Though ostensibly these altruistic Occupiers want financial justice for all, what they are really showing us is that they're poor (in their own eyes), or they're lazy, (relying on government programs which are now in danger of being cut, and/or a simple refusal to work for their wage) and they want what you have. And they're gonna get it, even if they have to break the law to do it.

I'd posed three questions,
What is socialism?
What is its connection to the current violence in the Occupy Wall Street protests and riots?
Is there a connection to the Tribulation and the last economic system yet to be fulfilled?

In the third question, yes, there is a connection. The Tribulation is about wealth transfer, because the time period is first ruled by the antichrist under the influence of the devil, (Rev 13:5-8) and later is ruled by the devil himself. The devil wants to kill, steal, and destroy. (John 10:10). So of course he wants to steal your money, your comfort, your hope, and eventually your life. So, yes, he wants to destroy all the world's governments, economic systems, values, and finances. His plan for your life is to either take all from you or get you to sacrifice God's blessings on you. The protests in America now are not directed against the President, they are directed against God's blessings on this nation.

This effort will culminate in the Mark of the Beast, (Rev 13:16-17) which forces a person to accept the mark of worship and be able to participate in the last economy, or to refuse the mark of worship and starve or be beheaded, whichever comes first.

Between now and then, the economic situation will become more dire, which sparks more people to violence, which diverts resources of police and municipalities, which allows for higher crime elsewhere, while thousands are occupying parks and refusing to contribute to the very economy they want to become healthy again, and end up in freeloading and perversity, yearning for a leader with an answer. It is a downward cycle we saw with Mussolini, Hitler, and will find its culmination in the antichrist. It is not only started already, it is well on its way toward that imminent fulfillment:

This week the Pope called for economic justice and a centralized world bank. Funny, because the Vatican already IS a vastly wealthy centralized government. However, corporatism and big government go hand in hand. "The Vatican called on Monday for the establishment of a “global public authority” and a “central world bank” to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and often ineffective in dealing fairly with crises. A major document from the Vatican’s Justice and Peace department should be music to the ears of the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators and similar movements around the world who have protested against the economic downturn."

As for the violence, Jesus said, "Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold." (Mt 24:12). The rise of flash mobs and the helplessness of store owners to stop them is a smaller version of what has been given rise now: Occupy Wall Street mobs who practice lawlessness in an entire city or large parts of cities, and outnumber the police. Instead of fifty unruly teens storming the store against one store owner, it is 5000 unruly freeloaders storming a city block against an entire police force. Even HotAir said that resistance is futile. Futile was their word.

"The fences came down at Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza Wednesday evening during a general assembly meeting among “Occupy Oakland” protesters. At least 500 protesters gathered at the plaza to reclaim the site of their encampment, which was raided by police early Tuesday morning... At 7 p.m., around 50 to 100 protesters succeed in tearing down sections of the fence on the opposite side of the plaza from where the meeting is taking place. ... With public officials facing pressure from all sides in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and other “occupied” cities, the lesson from Oakland will most likely be that action will largely be futile without a large police presence extending for considerable time to come."

So we have economic depression, austerity abhorrence, riots, impotent municipal government to keep law and order, calls for wealth re-distribution, and disdain of capitalism. These conditions gave rise to evil dictators in the past, only too willing to exploit the misguidedness and greed of the people in prior times, and it will do so again. Except this last dictator will be the personification of evil.

Wouldn't you rather get to know the personification of Goodness? Jesus is that personification, literally incarnating into humanity to teach us what is needed to be cleansed from our misguidedness and our sins. Doing so is very simple. Not easy, but simple. "Believe on the One He has sent", and be saved. (John 6:29; John 3:16-17). Salvation means you're saved from hell, and to be saved you must first recognize what will send you to hell: your sins. If you want Jesus to forgive those sins, then be sorry you committed them and ask Him to cleanse you. He will. But don't wait too long. The antichrist is knocking at the door, and soon, Jesus will let him in.


  1. This Occupy movement really makes me shake my head.

    That stuff about the Vatican, when I read it late last week and then again this week has been CRAZY.

    Rampin' up...

    Emily, www.extendingeagerhands.blogspot.com

  2. I know we'll be taken home in the rapture, but I sure hopes it's soon. And by soon, I don't mean years or even months away.

    As a husband and father of 3, until about 6 months ago I never worried about the saftey of my family. But let's face it, this country is falling apart. Nothing seems to be helping, and we know it's only going to get worse.


    I do trust God will take care of us... but how much more of the birth pains can His people withstand.

    I feel like we're on the brink of economic collapse, social unrest and collapse, and who knows how many more wars the U.S. will get involved in over the next 6 - 12 months. Heck, we're assassinating our own people now (although granted they were terrorists - but they didn't even get a trial, which is another story).

    Anyhow, you see my point, I'm sure. And I've been reading this blog along with following Hal Lindsay, Jack Kelley, Aloha Prophecies, RR News (I think we must have the same favorites list), and everything is pointing to the time being now. But, I'm just praying that now happens before civil unrest breaks out and Obama has to declare martial law - because that's when it's going to be beyond terrible.


  3. Hi Chris,

    I think it is easy to have the same favorites list when there are so few solid bible prophecy teachers these days! :) I'm with you on praying that we are taken soon,before the unrest grows even further. I was horrified that there was an attempted kidnapping in broad daylight in our county. We are fairly rural and have a low crime rate. A man snatched a kid right off a trampoline she was jumping on in her yard and ran to the woods. The mom immediately began screaming and he dropped the child before he got to the woods. In another startling case, Police and Federal Marshals were canvassing another neighborhood looking for a criminal, asking neighbors if they have seen the man but refusing to say what he did. VERY unsettling.

    With crime being so blatant, so widespread, and the criminals so unheeding of law & order, what does the near future hod if it descended so swiftly this far into lawlessness? I hate to think about it.

  4. So was George Bush the second a better President? A constant liar, a Christian in (self-proclaimed) name only?

    President Obama has done as much for capitalism as any other President.

  5. Mike, thank you for sharing your opinion.

  6. And thank you, Elizabeth, for your blog. :-)

    I will admit, I don't know your opinion of President Bush because I haven't read back that far. I suppose that's why I asked if he was a better President (since you brought politics into your blog).

  7. P.S. I hope you were referring to my comment about President Obama doing as much for capitalism as any other President as my opinion.

    If you were referring to my comment about President Bush being a Christian in self-proclamation only, or to his difficulty with the truth, as opinion, then I guess your faith in a man's words is pretty strong, indeed.

  8. So what do you think NOW? Now that we find out through the FED audit that the bankers gave 16 TRILLION dollars to bail out banks around the world instead of putting it towards jobs in America? What about the more than 100 top banks LYING on the Libor to defraud us all about the interest rates, dooming us to collapse and then stealing American money for these banks? You haven't got a clue. The beast is these greedy bankers and you're fighting FOR the devil.

    1. I'm fighting for the devil? An interesting perspective.

      Just because I don't approve of OWS tactics does not mean I excuse the Federal Reserve nor the banks who have done illegal, unethical, or just plain greedy deeds which have irrevocably harmed their companies and the nation and the world. The essay I wrote above was not exclusive of antichrist conditions. The other side is just as culpable in setting them up, too.

      I abhor class warfare, from all angles.


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