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I usually do a 'Friday This and That' of random or disconnected ideas in list and excerpt form, because I'm really tired on Friday nights and have little cognitive 'get up and go' by that time. But this Friday I'm going to be fine, because we're off from school. And, I'm tired tonight so here are some this and that thoughts. And the news, you know? Even though it's only Tuesday, it is pretty heavy already. Gaddafi and sharia and suddenly inflating volcanoes and Thailand inundated and a hurricane at the doorstep and Turkey quake and [drawing breath] I could go on but I won't. So here are a few thoughts.

We know that New Jerusalem is transparent. "having the glory of God. Her brilliance was like a very costly stone, as a stone of crystal-clear jasper." (Rev 21:11). "The material of the wall was jasper; and the city was pure gold, like clear glass." (Rev 21:18). Recently scientists learned that gold, when reduced to the nano level, becomes clear. Not opaque, but transparent. This scientific article explains: "If, however, you shrink gold down to a nanoparticle, its properties change dramatically. Its color changes, it becomes a very good catalyst, and is no longer a metal - instead it turns into a semiconductor." I wrote more about it here.

I personally believe that the city is transparent so that the glory of God can be seen at all times.

But what about privacy? Max Lucado says of the transparent city, "Arguments will cease, for jealousy won't exist. Suspicions won't surface, for there will be no secrets. Every sin is gone. Every insecurity is forgotten."

Remember, before the fall Adam and Eve were naked and they were not ashamed. We will not be naked. The Tribulation saints are given garments of white (Rev 6:11) and so are the elders, (Rev 4:4). I believe we will have white robes too. Even still, there will be no need for privacy because there will be no shame. We will see God's glory everywhere, bright and sparkling.

I watched a very good half hour prophecy update from a very good pastor. Pastor JD Faraq in Hawaii made an interesting connection to something in his latest videocast. I've often said that making connections to things that exist is one thing, but making a connection to things that do not exist is another. But what isn't seen, or what isn't said is just as important as what is seen and what does exist. Pastor JD said that when Saddam Hussein was killed there were many effigies of President Bush that angry Muslims burned. However, there have not been any effigies burned of Obama after Bin Laden and Gaddafi were killed. Have you noticed that? I hadn't but when Pastor JD said it I suddenly realized that he is right. No effigies.

Is it because the Muslims understood we were a strong nation with a strong alliance to Israel. Nowadays they understand we are weak and not a friend of Israel.

He also said that the Occupy Wall Street protest isn't protesting the leader of America. They are protesting the blessings on America.

Why do we learn prophecy? What is it good for anyway? "And now I have told you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe." So you may believe! (John 14:29).

Do not lose heart. Many prophesies have been fulfilled. Many more will be. The church has been redeemed but we are waiting for full repossession. We will be claimed though. How do we know this? The sure word of God.

"Remember the former things of old,
For I am God, and there is no other;
I am God, and there is none like Me,
Declaring the end from the beginning,
And from ancient times things that are not yet done,
Saying, ‘My counsel shall stand,
And I will do all My pleasure,’
Calling a bird of prey from the east,
The man who executes My counsel, from a far country.
Indeed I have spoken it;
I will also bring it to pass.
I have purposed it;
I will also do it." (Isaiah 46:9-11)


  1. Yes, as He has purposed, He will DO IT! Prophecy is not a vain topic to study, nor is it unworthy, as I know some believe. The entire Bible is important, and this makes up a big chunk. Also, it points to the GLORY of GOD and His might and power!

    Great post, Elizabeth!


  2. Thanks Emily! I recommend Pastor JD. He is very good.

  3. You're actually the second person to praise him today, so I bookmarked the site. :)


  4. The church has been redeemed but we are waiting for full repossession

    thats the word he used a day or two ago concerning you -- he wanted to 'possess' you more fully, so youre nearer in his kingdom, but also for facility of communications ie his temple

    the "personal relationship" christians go on about but v rarely have

    issue is submission,not in naming him more but doing him more - we strain away from babylon

    the high priest's face is sheer delight, thinnest sliced gold, heart to heart and mind to mind, may you see it soon

    (dont publish this one)

  5. I don't know if you edit your posts, but you might want to change the word *suddenly* inflating volcano to *rapidly* inflating volcano because the article says this has been going on for a minimum of 20 years (that's how long they've noticed it on satelite data) and most people do not understand that geologic "sudden" is not human "sudden". Gives more creedence to you writing truth and not just sensationalizing the news. Plus, the article does say *rapidly*, NOT *suddenly*. Journalists have just found out about it and are doing their normal overkill on it, but scientists have known for 20 years.

    That said, you are certainly correct about the importance of it happening. Along with all the bird, fish, porpoise kills around the world, earthquakes (it amazes me that more people were not killed in Turkey, but of course, the death toll is still not known), wars, and so forth. The earth is in agony due to Adam's sin - our sin.

  6. Elizabeth,

    Your posts are such a blessing. One thing I had always wondered about was how gold could be, I know!! Plus, it never crossed my mind that Obama had not been the object of a few "burned in effigy" episodes. That's very telling, right? The radical Muslims must see him as either a brother or of no consequence. Probably both.
    You're in my prayers!

  7. Anonymous,

    I do edit my posts. As for the volcano, scientists have said that it had not erupted in the last 2.6 million to 11,700 years. (Prof. Erik Klemetti, for example). If it has been inflating for the last 20 years in the face of 2.6 million geologic time, then that IS sudden.

    I chose 'sudden'instead of 'rapid' for this reason: Rapid indicates time only. Sudden indicates time plus mystery.

  8. Hi Jeanne,

    The amazing thing about the transparent gold is that they really did not make the discovery until about 2008. Not nano-gold is all the rage. They spray it on windows of airline cockpits because it reflects heat away but allows light in. God's properties are changed completely at the nano level. I had a good time writing the blog entry I mentioned about transparent gold. The bible is such a great book of science! Who knew, 2000 years ago, gold IS transparent under certain circumstances. LOL, God did! And He told us ahead of time...


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