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Two thoughts

"Remember, science, and scientific findings, do not make the bible true. Scripture is always true. It never needs verification. Scientific support of the scripture only means that the science is true, because we know that the scripture already is. My advice to any scientist is to always make sure that his findings coincide with God’s word."

~From the movie Time Changer. I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. Also, good movie BTW.

Jesus is coming soon to establish His kingdom. He can only accept perfect people into the kingdom, people without sin. Since none of us is perfect and without sin, no, not one, God sent His only begotten Son to come to earth and die in our place. Jesus is the sacrifice to pay the penalty for the judgment we would have gotten for our sin. All we need to do is believe in Jesus as the sacrifice, perfect and sinless, and the only One able to forgive us our sins. We will then be able to enter the kingdom and be with Jesus in joy forever.