Video of turkey attacking person in neighborhood which he'd been terrorizing

Lady filming the turkey, which apparently had been terrorizing a CA neighborhood, backs away from large turkey that approaches her in her yard. As she backs away more quickly, it approaches faster. She runs. It runs. A mail truck scoots between them and shoos the bird away, which simply circles around and runs after the lady again. She quits filming and runs to her car, whereupon the turkey circles menacingly, looking for her, its head periodically popping up at the hood and the window.

I wrote about the increasing boldness of animals, that they are attacking and penetrating human habitation in aggressive ways. You can search this blog for the term 'plague of beasts' and a lot will come up. My main entry discussing the bible verses related to this plague is here. It begins this way:

"I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth. (Revelation 6:8)."

"Consider those words for a moment...we are all familiar with plagues such as THE Plague, as in bubonic, Swine Flu and Dengue Fever and Malaria and all the other diseases and plagues throughout the centuries as well as biblical plagues of locusts and the ten plagues of Egypt. But one of the plagues loosed in Revelation 6 as the 4th seal is opened will be death by wild beasts.' "

Though the video shows one determined turkey, one turkey terrorizing one neighborhood does not an end time make. But the aggressive and unusual behavior of this and other animals lately does give cause for concern. Remember the whale that deliberately smashed a yachting couple's boat? The 500 bats attacking people in Peru? The monkeys that took over a village in South Africa? Turkeys attacking and trapping people int heir cars in Brooklyn? And many other stories. Animal behavior has gotten strange lately, with many people noticing the lack of inhibition and unusual pattern of aggressiveness of animals that do not usually appear in the attacking locations, or attack unprovoked. More examples and more scripture discussion at link above.


  1. I was attacked by a rooster once as a child. It was very scary....

    My mom's neighborhood has about 30 turkeys that hold up traffic quite often, just hanging out in the middle of the streets.

    I have noticed SO MANY MORE animal stories like this one, and the others involving 'the plague of beasts.'

    Thanks for your diligent work for the Kingdom!


  2. yes, it seems to be increasing and all kinds of animals & insects too.

  3. When we lived in Alaska 30+ years ago one of our neighbors had a "guard turkey". I kid you not!! That turkey would come up the hill to our place and if our children were out, the turkey would try to attack them. One day while my husband and brother-in-law were working on our car, the turkey came up and 'inspected' their work, looking under the hood to see what they were doing. He was in no way afraid of either of them and both of them are tall and big men! I, on the other hand, was more than a little afraid of the turkey. I always found it a bit amusing that when living in the bush in Alaska, I was afraid of bears, moose and a tom turkey. I guess that like geese, tom turkeys are also very protective of their harems. Roosters, too. As Emily in the above comment, my mother was attacked by a rooster as a child. She still has the scar on her leg where the rooster gouged her with his spur.

    I am in agreement with you overall - some animals are becoming more agressive, while others are just losing their fear of humans and becoming bolder (think foxes, coyotes, deer and even moose living in cities like Denver, LA and even New York!). Our daughter was chased by a angry deer one winter afternoon, through the snow, and an elderly woman in our community was trampled to death by a deer. Deer are NOT sweet, gentle creatures - they can kill you and will kill you or hurt you under the right circumstances.

    In some ways it's not just that animals are becoming bolder, but people are also uneducated about what animals are really like. Secular man has removed the soul of man and made us no different than the animals, or instead elevated animals to the same status as man to the point that some animals have more rights under the law than a human does. We are totally out of balance and "nature" takes advantage, abhoring a vacuum, as they say. Humanity worships the creation rather than the creator and God uses the creation to disciplin or judge humanity.

  4. We have turkeys... they are actually quite friendly to us since we raised them. They'll actually follow us around the yard and if we go into the barn they will come running to us for food or attention. If a stranger comes into our yard the male Toms will give chase. I don't think this is abnormal behaviors.... they are just defending their flock or hens. I do think we see more animal attacks because humans have invaded and spanned out into areas leaving the animals with no place else to go. This causes a lot of problems. Here in Montana we had that oil spill over the summer which contaminated the yellowstone river. During cleanup we saw cougars and coyotes and fox, why? because their habitat had been invaded on and they had no where else to go so began moving towards the farms..... we lost almost a dozen chickens this summer because of it... much of this had to do with the oil spill... and yes once again it was Exxon who caused the spill.... imagine that.

  5. I kind of feel this is staged. You'll note she ran by her car at one time. You never heard the mailman's voice.
    I think she had a bait on her of some kind. Maybe not.


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