Are there more earthquakes (Updated)

The following quake chart was generated with USGS data and updated through November 6, 2011. According to comparison against the United States Geological Survey's own annual averages for the last ten years, yes, there are more earthquakes and the number of quakes is increasing each year. For the last three years in a row quakes have consistently exceeded averages in every category of quakes above 5.0 magnitude. Click on chart to enlarge.

The LORD is shaking us from complacency. Are you ready to meet Him?


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Please forgive me this is completely off topic, but thought you might find it interesting. On Friday, while driving, I was listening to the Sean Hannity show. He played a recording from Occupy Wallstreet and the voice identified itself as Anonymous and Legion. God Bless and thank you for your work!

  2. Sharing this with my hubby as we were just discussing all this craziness today! Also going to share the post about the OK quake! Thank you!

    (I'm always sending him links to your posts!)


  3. HI Emily, Thank you for passing it along!!

    Amy, that just simply gives me shivers :(


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